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Wedge or Not
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Hi, I'm really hoping someone has some insight into this. I'll start at the beginning. Back in December I had a chest x-ray done for work and lo and behold they saw something on it. This started the roller coaster ride. I was sent for a CT scan which showed 1 nodule of 13mm and a few smaller nodules that I don't know the size of. The report from the CT scan said high probability of cancer. The Dr. referred me to a specialist. Due to Covid I had a phone consultation with the specialist who took me through what the plan was. I was going to have a PET done, breathing test and then biopsy. Well I had the PET and breathing test done. Another phone consultation with results. The specialist (thoracic surgeon) told me it didn't light up and nothing to worry about so they would do another CT in 4 months. Well present day 4 months later. I had the CT scan last week and phone consult with specialist yesterday. He didn't have the written report from the radiologist yet but he looked at the scan. He said the nodule was 15mm so not much change. When I questioned the difference in size he told me when manually measuring, there is room for a 1-2mm margin of error. He then proceeded to tell me I had 3 options based on my anxiety level as it could still be a low grade cancer. 1. I could do nothing and have another CT scan in 6 months 2. I could have a wedge biopsy done or 3. I could have a needle biopsy (which he isn't recommending due to possibility of lung collapse). I questioned the size of the smaller nodules and most are under 5mm but one is 7mm. I'm not sure what to do. I don't really want to have surgery but I also don't want to take the risk of it growing either. I know some of you have had a wedge so I guess what I'm asking is would you wait the 6 months and see or would you have the wedge. I'm really confused how you go from nothing to worry about 4 months ago to these are your options.

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Hello @Chinook and welcome to the community.

I am sorry for what brought you here but so glad you reached out. I can understand struggling with these choices. While I have not had a lung cancer diagnosis or a wedge biopsy, I think the key to your question lies in the line about “based on your anxiety level ”. I say that as someone who has had a cancer diagnosis ( breast ) but also have a nodule being watched on my thyroid. Not to compare the two but only to say that I am going through watch and wait at , originally 3 month, then 6 month and now yearly intervals. I was not comfortable with the watch and wait and did ask for the biopsy ( for my own piece of mind) but in my case, the nodule is currently smaller than the biopsy needle itself and I was told it could be canceled once on the table or it could be hard to get it due to the size.

So I would ask yourself what would give you the most piece of mind. If you think you might dwell on it all the time between scans, perhaps the biopsy, while not nothing for sure, might give you answers soon - either it is and you caught it early and you deal with it, or it isn't and you move on.

Sorry I am not much help. Hopefully our lung members who have had a wedge will jump in with their perspectives. Do you have a date to followup with and give your decision?



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