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Sleeping discomfort with Lung cancer.. Any suggestions?
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My mom has lung cancer in her left lung and the tumor is located near the top of her lung.. It is making it uncomfortable for her to sleep.

RIght now the only position she can sleep on is on her back as she had broken her hip in May (2021) and is still recovering from that. She cannot sleep on her side because of the broken hip, and only can sleep on her back BUT that is hurting as I think she is putting pressure near the tumour on her lung..

Does anyone have any suggestions for easing her discomfort like a pillow?? new bed? recliners??
Any experiences similar?

Tku all !!

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Poor girl. My heart goes out to your mom.

I don't have a suggestion but did read once that sleeping at a 45 degree angle helps the breathing.

I hope she gets some relief soon and some needed rest.

Hugs to you both.

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@Shinny75 I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I have stage4 cancer with the tumor being in my left lung as well. It sounds like she's experiencing nerve pain.There aren't any nerves in the lung but there are just outside the lung wall. My pain began on my left side and ran across to the right. I couldn't sleep either and ended up being admitted to the hospital to get the pain under control. I suggest you mention this problem to your oncologist team as they can help in making her comfortable

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Perhaps you could try a wedge pillow that allows a person so sleep at an angle. But since still on her back, you can get a sheepskin that helps to soften the base of the back area and helps to stay cooler. I have also found that if I would lie on my left side where I still have a lung (right lung removed) it would get squashed and it was harder to breath so I avoid that side. When sleeping on my right I put something in front of myself to keep my shoulder up to not squash myself. Sleep is soooo important so I hope she finds a comfy position.
All the best, Linda

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