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Preparing for Battle
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Operation Jagger commences on Sept 14th with an ambush of radiation. After that we switch to the chemo side of the battle. The cancer has spread into my right lung somewhat and also into my bones. It's no real surprise about it going into my bones as it's common for this type. It certainly wasn't a " milestone " I wanted to reach. I have so much support from all of you AND prayers. Being in the hands of God during this brings me so much peace and comfort. LOL I went for a final CT scan yesterday and received 3 permanent tattoos so I get to scratch tattoo off my list. It's just 3 very small dots they'll use to line up the laser each time for the radiation treatment. I was hoping to pick from a book.

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@Dave58 I'm wishing you all the best with your upcoming treatments!!! You are such a kind person with an awsome sense of humour! !!!! Don't ever lose that!!!!! Big hugs to you Dave.

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Hi Dave58,

Thinking of you and your awesome courage. For years, I wanted a tattoo but never got one. Now, like you, I have two permanent ones … one mid chest and one mid abdomen. Not quite what I had in mind! There are many who are (virtually) by your side as you go through radiation and chemo. You've certainly made an impression (i.e., a great one) on us all.

Take care,

Bear 1

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Wishing you all the best for your upcoming treatments. I also had a CT scan yesterday. Between 2 nurses and 4 tries they finally got an IV in me for the contrast dye, I thought they should at least have given me a cookie or something, ha. Also welcome to the dot club. I had radiation on my sinus but they put a tattoo dot on my chest. I am still trying to figure out how that helps line up my head for the radiation beams. At least they didn't give me a face tattoo. It seemed to work and Frank (my tumor) is in a necrosis stage for now but his offspring immigrated to my lungs and liver. I am currently trying to evict them with immunotherapy.

I hope you are able to manage treatments without too many side effects. Wishing you the best.


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@Dave58, we are thinking about you as you prepare to start your treatments. We are here for you. I hope you and your wife can go fishing this weekend!

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@NormRay, wishing you a good result with the CT scan. Yes, you’re right about the cookie. A big one! Here’s one from me.🍪

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Dave58‍ Sending you good vibes during your treatments. My mom got those tattoos too and looked at all my tattoos saying "how do you do that?"
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@Dave58 I wish you well with your radiation treatment on the 14th. What a great idea being able to pick your tattoo from a book. LOL.

They played music for me during my treatment. First one was the most memorable. For me, the Eurythmics is a group that I react to like fingers on a chalk board. Well guess what, the very first song was “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”! No place to run and hide or even a way to plug my ears. Just had to grin and bear it. Lol.

Continue to maintain your sense of humour and faith. They will sustain you on the tough days.

#radiation #faith

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I, too have the permanent dots, had radiation on my large mass in my left lung.
Will be four years in Nov, since diagnosed, different treatments, in remission for 9 month two years ago, hospitalized 4 times, but, still here with a decent quality of life.
Got to see my only grandson start school, one milestone down.
The week after chemo can be crappy but, make sure you are covered with the drugs you need for your comfort. The last two weeks usually pretty good, as my schedule is chemo every three weeks.
You sound positive, and approaching this with a good attitude. Everything helps in this journey we find ourselves on.
We just got through a hurricane here on the east coast of Newfoundland. I watched a lot of it with winds up to 180km hr. Crazy time. Something like the life we are leading, rough at times, calm after. Beautiful here today, heading to the beach with a friend of mine.
Take care, and stay in touch,
Dianne (Dauntless)
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Dave58‍ That's great news that they're moving so quickly! Did you get a place in the Lodge so you don't have to travel back and forth?
When I got my tattoos, the kids figured I was going rogue, and pretty soon was going to get a "sleeve" or something along those lines.
The staff in radiation are just awesome! They'll help you along with the journey.
I had my PET scan on Friday, a CT scan on Monday and I'll find out my results Tuesday. Praying that everything is clear!
Take care - I'm praying for you! 🙏


I'm generally not a fan of the battle metaphors when it comes to cancer but for you it suits your enthusiasm perfectly. And I love the idea of Operation Jagger. I have a few driver friends who are incredibly creative. I think those long hours behind the wheel make for good thinking time. And then well I'm just waiting for the fishing metaphors to start flowing.

Good luck as you start on this journey. You have obviously got a few folks rooting for you.


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@WestCoastSailor I also have you rooting…means a lot.

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all the best on Operation Jagger radiation TODAY!

you got this Dave

cheers from the cancer connection sidelines that all goes well for you.

#radiationtherapy #itsonlyrockandroll

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@Dave58 Hello….wishing you the best, as you start radiation today!

I too got 3 dots! Play “Connect The Dots”, with washable magic marker…….Neon Colours……..AFTER a glass (or 2) of wine…..see what interesting “drawings” you can come up with !




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Wishing you the best today @Dave58 !!!!

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@Dave58 I was thinking about you today … starting treatment!

One thing I was going to mention - if they prescribe something to you for your esophagus, ask the pharmacist to give you a small amount to start out with. I had to get something as my esophagus was so sore and it was difficult to swallow and the oncologist prescribed a huge (probably 500 ml) and the two times I tried it, it made me throw up, and never helped at all. It was quite expensive, and I had to take it all back to the pharmacy so they could properly dispose of it!

Take good care. L🙏

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@MommyT Thanks for the advice. On the way home my wife and I would pretend to listen as “ Jagger ” whimpered

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