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While laying about in the hospital I decided I didn't like the name of my cancer, Adeno Carcinoma. It just sounds ugly. So I have this “ entity ” that's inside me and it needs a better name. I'm asking for ya'll to submit suggestions for a name. Only 1 rule - it can't be dark, ugly or rude. All I can offer the winner is a heart felt congrats. So be imaginative , creative or just plain old school. You can tell the reason for the name or not. SO LET'S HAVE SOME FUN !! 😁

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Kickin' Carcinoma

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Get It Out!

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Darth Vader
Ron 27
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Vibrant Viagra

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Macbeth. (As in “Out, damned spot!”)
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MICK is my entry!

here we go…buckle up and hang on….here is my extraordinarily LONG process and how I came to this contest winner ;)

*AdenoCarcinoma made me immediately thing of AC/DC
*so my original contest entry was going to be: Bon Scott (coolest rocker name ever!!)
*or maybe a song title…but none really fit…..hells bells/dirty deeds done dirt cheap/for those about to rock
*I assume you & I are about the same vintage-hope you can appreciate this leap, I was more of a Bob Segar, ELO, Rod Stewart fan, but googling the AC/DC stuff today really brought this time of my life back for me….fun….
*nothing seems more fierce to me than these old time rockers, who keep on going & going & going
*but sadly Bon Scott left this earth due to his own excessive life style at the very young age of 33!

Bon Scott

*so then I started thinking about the rockers who seem to be ageless and evermore
*came up with good old MICK, so this is my official CONTEST ENTRY - lock it in!
*we can all agree this guy is tremendous, and despite many obstacles in his life, he continues to carry on….and taught us all that ‘we can’t always get what we want'….and at the end of the day ‘its only rock & roll…..but I like it’!



#adenocarcinoma #nameyourdisease

I like this idea! Taking it one step further to “Jagger”

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@Squirrelbutt Hi……it is wonderful to hear that Dave is home…and a bit better….yeah the steroids help…..and I hear 'ya….on the goodness stuff; Amen, to that.


Johnny Rotten? Tumour-ator?

I never named mine other than the beast - wish I had been more creative. Look forward to see what you choose @Dave58


How could I have missed such an important literary contest? As I gear up for the 3day novel Contest this weekend (check it out in Creation Nation) creative names are all gratefully accepted. All I can promise is acknowledgement if I win.

So my entry in Rogue. I heard someone use this early on in the ride and it just stuck with me. Mine isn't much of a rogue these days. Just a radiation hulk scarring my lung…


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