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2 different CT readings
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Hi everyone;

In May I had a CT scan done and the results were sent to my oncologist. He informed me that there was no change in the tumor in my lung. He said the good news was it didn't get bigger. He didn't know about my 2 lymph nodes as the report never mentioned the lymph nodes.

Today my cancer Radiologist called me and said he was very happy with the CT results. I said really? He said yes the tumor was gone and a very small bit of scar tissue was left. The lymph nodes were very tiny and probably showed up because of swelling from the radiation. So for now the cancer was gone.

I then told him what the oncologist told me. His reply was he had been reading scans for 22 years and specialized as a cancer radiologist, that the cancer was not in my lung just scar tissue.

He also said he was able to discharge me and that it made him very happy to be able to give me such good news.

My head is spinning. My oncologist is calling me Friday as I have to have blood work done before my 4th Dervalumab treatment


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@dreamweaver I totally understand why your head is spinning - two different interpretations…

it sounds a bit weird…when you have a scan, a radiologist reviews the findings and makes a report, it’s often checked by a second radiologist before it’s submitted to your doctor to avoid errors. So you’d think the oncologist would read the report from the radiologist (the expert)…

I hope you can get to the bottom of this - obviously it’s important to know if the tumour has gone and there’s just scar tissue, and what is the status of the lymph nodes…

Hope you can get some more helpful answers, best wishes, Essjay

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@dreamweaver this doesn’t make sense. I would ask for a copy of the radiology report. It should either say “no change” or “scar tissue”. You should be able to get a copy either online or from the oncology nurse. You definitely need to get this sorted out!

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I do have a copy of the report from the hospital where I had the CT scan done. I had the scan done in the city that I live in. The report says no change. It's the cancer radiologist that says the report is incorrect because he was looking at the CT scan as he spoke to me and it is much smaller and it is scar tissue. I'm just debating as to whether to speak with my family Doctor or the Oncologist Doctor

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ugh…what a distressing development.

as a technologist who works in diagnostic imaging, (nuclear medicine), I don't really know what to say about this! in alberta, I think you can ask for another ‘reading’ of your images if you think there is an error or omission.

at the end of the day, this is your health, and you need to be comfortable with the information you receive.
radiologists are HUMANS, who can miss stuff…..
oncologists are HUMANS, who can miss stuff…..

I guess the real question is: does this discrepancy affect your treatment??

I hope you can find out for sure what the status of your CT is. if you are not comfortable with pursuing it yourself, there should be a patient liaison/ombudsman at the cancer centre for you to access for assistance.
being a patient is hard. hang in there.


#diagnosticimaging #conflictingreports #beingapatientisHARD

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Today my oncologist called and I told him what the cancer radiologist said regarding my CT scan and his response was…really? He has ordered another CT scan and said I would stay on Durvalumab unless it wasn't working and I would be put on something different, that the immunotherapy would continue.

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I can somewhat identify because, as I've mentioned before, I was diagnosed as going from a Stage 1 to a Stage 4, due to PET scan results. I received this news via a phone call from my former radiology oncologist, who
said she couldn't treat me any longer. (My family and I were devastated at the time.) Now a different (new) medical oncologist has said that subsequent MRIs and CT scans have shown that most of those previous PET results are false or inconclusive. As well, my new oncologist thinks I'm not a Stage 4 and don't need to start on any treatment (but I am being monitored).

As my current oncologist said, "doctors are human and make mistakes." But she hasn't given me any other reasons for the big differences in results, other than to say that maybe the COVID vaccines boosted my immune system. (Hmmmm)

Anyway, I sincerely hope your issues get sorted out soon, with the best results possible.

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