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Stage 4 lung cancer with brain mets
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June 2020 I had surgery to remove the lung cancer stage 2 and the doctor said it was curative. December 2020 I was diagnosed with brain mets hence stage 4 lung cancer. I had radiation and that has cleared that. My oncologist recommended Tagrisso as he said my cancer would keep on spreading. I could not handle the side effects so I stopped taking it after two week. Now I am in a wait and see with scans and such. My oncologist said 3 year survival was 5% to 10%. I do not feel sick at all and do not believe that my cancer is going to keep spreading. No chemo or radiation offered. Any input would be appreciated.
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Wonderful radiation cleared the brain mets. And surgery successful.
I too am stage 4 with mets. My tumor last check is 3.6 cm.
My docs have already indicated I would not survive this tumor, never mind 3 years.
That was last July 2020. But I'm still here. And for the most part feeling ok.
I too am in the wait and see before proceeding with any other treatment.
Nothing to do but wait.
Sending. best wishes out to you.
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Hi Susan57*‍ !I don't have experience with lung cancer but id like to connect you with a few people who may be able to help. MommyT
and WestCoastSailor‍ .
thank you all in advance.
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Are you on chemo and radiation?
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Surgery was not an option?

I've heard a few of the intolerable side effects from Tagrisso (osimertinib) stories. I'm curious if they offered reduced dosage or another TKI. The great thing about osi is that it crosses the blood/brain barrier to deal with brain mets. There are several folks around here that have the disappearing tumour story with that drug.

Radiation is the common treatment. And usually extends life a bit. But whole brain radiation is one of my great fears. So much of my life revolves around mental activities that losing that capacity would be very discouraging.

I expect when they see further metastasis in your scans they may offer palliative chemo or radiation to provide comfort or pain relief.

Enjoy each day.

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Chemo and radiation scares me so much I would rather go for quality of life. Plus I don't want to put my adult children through anymore,
Hi Susan57*

Was diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer with mets everywhere, including 5 small brain mets. Was on Tagrisso for 3 months before my liver reacted severely so was taken off Tagrisso. Now on chemo/immuno combo. I am grateful that Tagrisso cleared the brain mets in just over 3 months!! Hoping they don’t come back as it would be radiation as chemo/immuno combo doesn’t go to the brain. Will know soon enough as my next MRI is June 14. I feel good and have no pain/symptoms and enjoy life to the fullest!

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