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Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by danielday on Mar 12, 2019 1:27 pm

Last time my mom had an appointment with oncologist Dr. , she expected to spend 30 minutes with this oncologist. Instead, Drwas missing in action, as usual.

After spending 27 minutes with nurse practitioner , mom asked where is Oncologist Dr ? Nurse said: "oh, she is... around..." Mom demanded to talk to her. She spent 3 min with actual oncologist.

This type of behaviour is totally outrageous. Cancer patients deserve better.

If this happens again, I told my mom to file complaint and ask for another oncologist. 

On average, oncologists are paid $360,000/annually in Canada. If they can't spend 30 minutes with their own patients during appointments, then their outrageously overpaid salaries should be slashed by 80%.

Cancer patients deserve better.

Re: Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by ACH2015 on Mar 12, 2019 3:51 pm


Issues like this are frustrating, stressful and disappointing to say the least.

Perhaps the best thing to do is address this at the source, with the Doctor or Hospital if you go that route. Seeking to change doctors is no guarantee of obtaining better (consult) service. This one issue may have been due to an emergency situation, or a misunderstanding of what the appointment involved and who the players were supposed to be from both ends. Best to try to resolve this and move forward for all concerned.

I've said it many times, there are too many of us (patients) and not enough of them (doctors).



Re: Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by CancerConnectionTeam on Mar 12, 2019 6:11 pm

I am sorry that your mom has had a less than favourable experience with her oncologist. I am sure it is frustrating..
However, as per our terms of use of not identifying others by their name, we have had to remove the names from your post.
We ask people not to name their medical personnel in order to leave space for others to have their own experiences with a medical professional, good or bad.

Thank you for your understanding

CancerConnection Team

Re: Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Mar 13, 2019 1:22 pm

danielday‍ , I notice that you said “as usual” in regard to your absentee oncologist. That suggests to me that you’ve encountered this in the past, too.

As ACH2015‍  has said, this could be due to numerous reasons - a particularly distraught patient, an emergency, or any other of a hundred things that can happen in an oncology ward. It might even be possible that the oncologist might have a personal crisis going on in her own life. We just never know, and we sometimes forget that they’re human, too.

I once had a doctor in emerg inform me that he had guests coming for dinner. I said that was lovely, but he was still not going to cut into me without me being anesthetized (like he had the last time — fool me once...). Now, if I had not been in great pain at the time and if I hadn’t had the prior experience, it would have been more in my character to have said, “That’s ok, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

My first suggestion to you would be to talk to the doctor’s nurse practitioner. Dad’s was very helpful during his cancer treatment. She “has the power” to make notes on the file for the next consult visit, and perhaps it’s time to arrange for such a thing. If you can contact her in an objective manner between appointments, it may be better than having her see the “flustered you” she may have seen at your Mom’s last appointment. I recommend using diplomacy here: the goal is to get a note on her file that says, “Mrs. Day really needs to be heard at her next appointment,” rather than, “the family is ticked off and you’d better show.”

If that is unsuccessful, the next step would be to write a letter to the hospital, outlining in detail, with dates, times, and concerns, with a copy of the letter to the doctor. 

I wish you success in resolving your issue.

Re: Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by caroontario on Mar 14, 2019 8:46 am

I also didn't understand the long waiting to see the oncologist but then when my husband was admitted because of a reaction to chemo I noticed that his doctor came up every 15 minutes to check up on him. So I realized that someone downstairs must have been wondering " were the heck is he ? " And also we refuse appointments given at 3;30 or 4 pm because we know well be there until 5  . We try to book in the morning or right after lunch around 1pm.
Take care !

Re: Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by ConnieLee on Mar 16, 2019 11:24 am

Oh...I can relate..it's the system that has to be blown up and redone..I already had 2 chemo cancelled and the effort too get itthem rebooked was an all day event. Was so upsetting.  

Re: Lung Cancer Patients Deserve Better

Posted by jorola on Mar 16, 2019 11:51 am

I am also sorry to hear this was your mom's experience. My husband, who had NSLC, is not fond of hospitals/clinics but the only thing he can say about his clinic was that it was "a well oiled perfectly functioning machine."
I think ACH2015‍  and Cynthia Mac‍ have both even solid advice here. I hope things can been straightened out for your Mom's health and your peace of mind.