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Hi everyone. I finally got all my pathology results and it turns out I had renal cell carcinoma clear cell. I had my kidney and the mass removed. I will be followed up every 6 months and was told the most probable recurrence is normally in the first 5 years.
Has anyone here had experience with this? Also, what do you say to friends. Most of my friends are saying "oh, so they got it all. I would say you are cured". How do you respond to that?
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@Biewer Lover about all I would say is “hopefully”. If they just let it go, then they do not want to know anything more. If they question your response, then maybe they can handle the explanation about the worry of recurrence.

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Hi @Biewer Lover
Just went through the same, ccRCC, and had my left kidney removed as a result. I get the same response too “Oh, you're good now, all taken care of” (or something along those lines). My response has been similar to what @DMT mentioned, I just say “all good” and let it go. Thankfully Im not overthinking it (at least trying not to do so) but there are times where I am reminded and I have my first 6-month follow up lingering in my mind!! That being said, I recall a few years ago where a friend was diagnosed with kidney cancer (ccRCC) and my initial response was “its small he will be cured” because that was what I believed given my limited knowledge regarding kidney cancer and cancer in general at the time. When others are saying such words to me now, they may genuinely not know.

With your kidney removed, I am assuming you were told to reduce your protein intake? How are you finding that so far? I am finding it a little difficult keeping track of…


@bill2022. Hi there. Thanks for your input into this kidney cancer thing. I also had my left kidney removed. Funny thing you should mention the protein as my urologist gave me no instructions at all about any change in my lifestyle. She never even mentioned the ibuprofen, naproxin thing that someone else told me.

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