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Throat cancer treatments without surgery
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My husband had an operation on 6th January for oral cancer and we were told the surgery was successful. He has been in the hospital since then and has had breathing difficulties and problems swallowing etc. He has been told that they found an area of concern in the throat and possibly the lymph nodes. He has had a difficult time in hospital, very stressed, depressed and bored. He does not want to go through surgery again. Does anyone have any experience of other treatments? He is a very determined man and does not change his mind once he settles on something.

I am very anxious and confused.

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@Kcp1007 Hello…..I wish your husband a speedy recovery…..if Dr “found” an area of concern, could you make a call to this Dr to discuss/appt? Get clarification…..on next steps…..I personally dont have experience, in oral cancer…..

I will tag @law1 and hope that she can read, through, your original post, and share her experiences and wisdom. Thank you!

We are all here, to support you, and your husband.


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@Kcp1007 I am sorry your husband is having such a rough time. I’m wondering if it is possible for you to arrange a conference with your husband’s team as they would be best to answer your question. The team may have to wait on pathology results before recommending any treatment plan. i would definitely ask his team if there is a non surgical option available.

I do hope your husband starts to feel better soon. Are there some counselling services available at your hospital that you or your husband can take advantage of? I found it to be very helpful. This isn’t easy stuff.

We are here to support you and I’m sending you a virtual hug.

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Hello @Kcp1007

I am glad @Whitelilies tagged me as it jogged my memory of the first reply I posted to you prior to this most recent frustration following the ‘recent discovery of an area of concern’. That understandably leaves you and your husband in a constant state of anxiety, confusion, boredom for him, and no progress towards his discharge from the hospital.

It seems as if your doctor has not really presented answers to your questions and that seems most likely worrisome, at the best. Other than contacting your doctor (which has been done without success), you may try to talk to a person available at the toll free number: 1-888-939-3333. You may have already done this, but keep calling and let the folks on the other end of the line know the areas of your continual attempts without receiving results from your doctor. The Toll-free phone contacts can get in touch with a ‘Patient Navigator’ for you as, the more authority you have supporting you, the more attention will be directed to you and your husband. It is known that during these wacky pandemic times, over crowding in hospitals, and revised medical schedules….cause stress upon medical staff, yet that is no excuse for them!!! Please keep gently asking, phoning, posting, and reading reliable research which is available via the Cancer Centre Librarian. Keep a written record of your inquiry and medical steps already taken, as it will help to know the dates and subjects discussed if asked….or, when you suggest the tireless history of your husband's request for non-surgical treatment.

Everyone on this website supports your efforts and wish you and your husband better success asap.

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Hello @Kcp1007

Sounds like your husband has gone through a lot already. For perspective I had throat cancer that was caught as the lymph node protruded on my neck.

For myself the course of action was Chemo and Radiation and that worked great. I did see a surgeon, but as the stage it was at was just beginning, the talk of having an operation was taken off the table.

The cancer wasn't particularly large in my throat.

Please do let us know how he proceeds.



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I have/had throat cancer just finished last treatments radiation chemo in October will be going for CatScan Feb 1st to check things out. It sounds like your husband had surgery for throat Cancer he will have hard times with swallowing eating etc and he sounds like me once mind made up thats it sometimes to our own fault. Sooo onto what I would do bar non have your ENT send you to Sunnybrook Medical Science Centre in Toronto Cancer Centre Odessa trust me when I say the best in my experience all about team work. Effortless they are truly an amazing bunch. So get referred to them assuming you are in Ontario. Secondly listen and follow exactly what they recommend. Here is where my bullheadedness came in and I paid for it. They reccommended feeding tube not for this tough guy lol so I thought looking back wish I had it put in right at get go when they RECCOMMENDED IT anyhow after losing a lot of weight in short span of time I had the tube put in. My loving wife fed me through it until four weeks ago I am now eating on my own haven't used it in 19 days now gaining back weight training myself to eat more things and maintain weight. I am confused did your husband have the surgery with followup of radiation and chemo as well or just surgery. My cancer was in throat just at base of tongue and in one lymph node and was almost bad enough for surgery but the TEAM of oncologist Surgeon and Chemo specialist decided surgery not necessary so I had 36 treatments radiation and 6 rounds chemo. So not knowing your husband I can sympathize with him. Let him know from one strong bull headed man to another sometimes just once in awhile we need to listen to what the EXPERTS tell us and oh yes before I sign off The treatments for this cancer has a high rate of success and treatments for cancer are only 50% of the equation ones mental positive thinking is the other half and thats where your husband and my bullheadedness comes it because cancer is not getting me without that fight so far seems I'm winning. I am so humbled by this whole experience when I talked and looked around at all the people from all ages walks of life who were way off worst than me I thought there is nothing I have to complain about suck it up and be thankful I am here ;]. My WIFE was and always has been my biggest strength and a real trooper all the emotional, physical strength she mustard up to get me through this which I can never repay her for. There will be better days ahead for him tell him stay strong fight like hell educate yourselves and again I cannot express this enough from my experiences the teams at Sunnybrook second to none and for them I am so grateful and will be forever indebted. Should you need anything more let me know sharing is education. Hope this helps


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