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Laryngeal cancer treatment
Jane A
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My husband had surgery and radiation 3 years ago. Now he has a reoccurrence and is looking at a laryngectomy. It will change his life drastically. Where can he get phone support from someone who has had this procedure? Is there a support group near Langley, BC?
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@Jane A Hi Jane……I do hope other members can soon chime in and help with ideas for a support group/chat for your husband….

Please allow me to introduce you to:

@JIC13 (from BC) @milo2020 (father has same DX…also from BC)

Thank you so much, if you could share your experiences, here, to support our new member, on behalf of her husband, similar path as you folks…..much appreciation…..if you are able to connect…..perhaps they know of telephone support in BC for this type of cancer.

We are here to support you, and your husband.



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@Jane A Hi Jane … am not sure about BC, but when I went through NCP, stage 4 (i.e. nasopharyngeal - HNC) in PMH, Toronto in 2006, I was connected to Judy from a support program and who resided in Yellowknife - she had gone through similar cancer - but with slightly different treatment. She would be calling me now and then to check if I had any issues and I was also given her contact # in case I do need to talk to her or if I had any questions. Being on my own then, I was most grateful for this support … someone I can call if and when I do need to talk to someone who understands and is aware of my situation.

Perhaps you may want to check with the hospital if they do have such a support program where you can connect to for support?

Wishing you and husband all the best .. take care!!

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