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Lip Cancer
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Hello All. My name is Greg and I am new to this group but not new to the site. I was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2019 and have gone through treatment and surgery. So why am I here? I found out yesterday that I have a new cancer which is squamous cell cancer on my lower lip. I have a CT scan booked for next week and then supposed to have surgery. I’m hoping it’s just superficial invasion and nothing too deep. The ENT seems to think it’s non aggressive so hopefully it’s just minor surgery and I am done.

Does anyone here have experience with this type of cancer?
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Hi Greg, I am so sorry that you will be going through another cancer treatment. Hopefully the cancer can be treated with a surgery and no further actions will be required.
Meanwhile I wish you a clear CT scan next week and positive vibes!
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Sorry to read you new diagnosis. Hopefully it is just a minor blip.

Sending you best wishes for the upcoming results/treatment.

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YuliyaBoby1511‍ Thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes. I am also hoping it is minor and just a quick surgery to fix things.
Hello Haemish
Always nice to hear from you but certainly not in this way. Sorry to hear about your new diagnosis.
Have you had your CT scan yet?
Thinking of you
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Got the call from my family doctor today who told me the CT scan was clear other than my lip so hopefully the team on Friday will just tell me I need minor outpatient surgery and I’ll be done.
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I finally got back in the site and was reading through some recent and old posts. I realized I didn’t update what happened with my lip so others could read in case they need help.

After my appointment in London with a small team they confirmed that I would only need surgery and nothing else.

I had my first surgery, yes my first, in august 16. Let me tell you it was not fun. I had 50cm of my coming removed and this was way more painful. The multiple needles filled with Lidocaine injected into my lower lip made me want to punch someone in the face. I had asked just before if I could watch the surgery and they said “no way” and explained why. Once the doctor drew where he was going to cut my face I understood why I couldn’t watch. He proceeded to cut a very large wedge out of my lower lip and face; about the size of a Dorito. He then stitched me up both inside and outside my mouth. I asked what to take for pain and he said just to take Advil or Tylenol. LOL. Half way home from the surgery and my lower jaw was screaming in pain. Fortunately my family doctor is amazing and I was able to call and get something stronger.

Three days later I noticed that it had opened up. I went to a local emergency room and they tried to steri strip it but it didn’t hold. The next day I miraculously got back into London and had my second surgery. This time they gave me extra sutures but had to get even stronger pain meds from my family doctor.

Things are good now and I have minimal scarring so hoping I am done with that for good.

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