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Husbands Tongue Cancer
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Hi all, just wanted to update you on whats going on with my husbands treatment. We finally have a medical oncologist that is seeing him on June 24th. Went to the mailbox and there was a letter regarding his appointment and blood work. These past 6 days have been hard after his prognosis. I know from my own experience with breast cancer just how hard waiting to here any news is. Thank you all for your support.
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Hello Ilse58

Thanks for joining us. I hope you find the support of this community as beneficial as I did. I am a caregiver for my son who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in Jan of 2020. I also found that the days just after the diagnoses were the most difficult.

I would like to introduce you to law1 Who had a similar experience to your husbands. There are many breast cancer survivors here as well for you to connect too.

Warm hugs
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