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post radiation check up delayed due to Covid

post radiation check up delayed due to Covid

Posted by Pat100 on Jan 9, 2021 2:49 pm

I am about 11 weeks since I finished my 30 sessions of radiation.  Cancer was in tonsil area.   I was supposed to have check up with oncologist next week but found out this will be delayed for 2 months due to Covid outbreak in the hospital.  I asked if I could just get a scan done but he won't do this without checking himself first.
Just wondering what others experiences were for getting a scan after treatment, particularly how long after treatment ends did you get a scan? Also how often did you meet with oncologist after treatment.

Re: post radiation check up delayed due to Covid

Posted by law on Jan 10, 2021 4:34 pm

Hi Pat100‍ ,
I understand your concern regarding the delay in getting your scan. I, too, had tongue / tonsil cancer on the right side, and fought it with 36 rounds of radiation. The recovery was the worst part as my tongue blistered and resembled the moon!
Following my final radiation round, I was not scheduled for a scan for another 3 months.....and was told this was standard procedure.
That follow-up scan 3 months later was actually a PET scan, which showed cancer-free in my body (thank goodness!!).
Since that PET scan, I have had a few CT scans due to a swollen esophagus from so much coughing while trying to swallow.....each was 6months apart, and a nasal scope every 6 months as well.
This was also spanning the COVID pandemic.
If you have to wait beyond 3 months----You may want to speak with your Cancer medical team and get a status update as perhaps there may be a cancellation which you can fill.....
Waiting is very stressful.,
Keep us posted !!

Re: post radiation check up delayed due to Covid

Posted by LoriTat on Jan 10, 2021 10:38 pm

I had a follow up CT scan 2 1/2 months after 25 radiation treatments. CT scan was mid Nov. I had throat cancer and did not require chemo. My hospital was Princess Margaret in Toronto. I have been hearing that in my area cancer surgeries are being postponed due to COVID. I haven’t heard if scans are delayed. My follow up oncologist appointment was over the phone due to COVID.  If you could just get the scan, then maybe you could do follow up by phone as well.

Re: post radiation check up delayed due to Covid

Posted by JamesT on Jan 10, 2021 11:28 pm

Hello Pat100‍ 

Congrats on finishing your treatments.

I believe it is 3 months post radiation for the pet scan to take place.

Then after that, for myself, meetings were every 3 months, then eery 6 months, and now every year.

Each significant milestone is a great check mark to have achieved along the way.

For myself I am 3.5 years post radiation.

So very thankful for the medical community helping me get cancer free.