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Gallbladder Cancer
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My brother who is 41 has just been diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer! He felt a lump under his right ribcage in April and from there he has been doing tests (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and bloodwork) The doctors at sunnybrook were not sure it was cancer because they was no spread and thought more inflammation and I guess because of his age he is young and healthy. The biopsy confirmed the cancer. It is not operable and he is starting chemo on Monday. My family and I are all devastated by this and confused. Is there anyone who can help me through this and has been through something similar?
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NC77‍ Hello....we will help you (and your brother) get through this......please lean on us.
I have looked through the site, and found a few members on similar path, as your brother; they have not posted in some time....but I will still "tag" them, and hope you can connect with them; ask questions, hear their experiences.

I would like to introduce you to:
Thank you so much everyone, if you could share your experiences, here, with our new member, similar path, for his brother.....greatly appreciated....he asked to connect with others....and we are reaching out to you folks.

I too was treated at Sunnybrook; a world renowned Cancer Centre (Odette Cancer Centre).....There should be an Oncology Social Worker, on staff; they will be a wealth of resources for you/brother.....or even just to talk....There should be a Patient-Navigator....this is a Nurse, who only role, is to support the patient/loved ones....answer questions etc.....they too are a wealth of knowledge....can better explain a procedure, for example....can help with side effects and more.

Carve out a few minutes each day, for yourself; walk.....run;.....jog.....sip a cool one on the porch; whatever makes you breathe out.....collect your thoughts......re-group.....this will actually "help" your brother too.

Lean On Us Here.

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