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Esophageal Cancer
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I had Esophageal cancer. The surgery was done and removed the cancerous tumour. They removed 70 percent of my stomach and attached the esophagus to the remaining stomach. That was in August of 2019. Today I can eat most foods. The biggest problem is that I do not have a lot of energy. I am trying to get back to some sort of what I was able to by doing exercise and diet. It appears to help, but looks like a long road to go. The good thing is that I am still able to do some things.
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FWP‍ welcome and thank you for posting. My understanding is that this surgery does take a very long time to recover from. My fiance had it. What time of day do you find you have the most energy? Maybe make some notes and keep a journal and let your doctor know. You can try to get your stuff done during your best times of day. You also may want to chat with a nutritionist or dietician. . Maybe there's something you can add to your diet ,or perhaps a suppliment. Worth a try.
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I had an esophagectomy 8 1/2 years ago and still run out of steam. I did as much exercising as I could, but wasn't overly successful.
From what I can determine, our problem is the fact that we burn our energy off trying to do something before our next little meal. And so it goes.
Even something as mundane as grocery shopping needs planning. I'm most energetic in the morning, so that's when that type of activity takes place. But the result is a rest upon my return.
So congrats on your fitness exercises. Nothing wrong with being in shape. And don't be upset with yourself when you don't do everything you think you should be doing. Life is just a little slower!

@FWP Hello Frank. Welcome to CC's. I noticed you are from Alberta - one resource I would highly recommend is the Alberta Cancer Exercise Program (ACE). It is a customized exercise program for cancer pt's and survivors run through the Dept of Rehab Medicine, U of A. The ACE Program is currently offered in an online zoom format due to covid - 2ce / week circuit training specifically for cancer patients. Here is the contact info: albertacancerexercise.com


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It is 2 years for my husband as well and the hardest part of recovery is managing not just energy levels but also expectations. It was hard to accept that being cancer free did not equate to getting your old self back but now we enjoy this slower pace. We still do everything - it is just that all the activities we used to cram into a weekend might take a week to complete.

As a caregiver I walk a fine line between setting and limiting our expectations on a daily basis. I don’t get it right every day but that is life.

kindest regards,

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