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Esophageal cancer
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I have had my esophagus and stomach removed and I am now on a feeding tube and spit fistula. I’m waiting for the next surgery which will be bringing my small intestine up and reconnecting to allow for eating again!! Has anybody had this surgery and how did it go??
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Hello Yenchy‍,
I’m sorry to hear that you’re having to go through this additional surgery. I’m sure it’s very anxiety provoking to be waiting for your next procedure. Do you know when your surgery will proceed? I’m assuming your still in the hospital so it should be soon?

20 months ago I had the IL surgery. In preparing, I did read that if the stomach also had to be removed, then a piece of the small intestine can be used to reconnect the esophagus to the digestive system. I don’t have any experience with this additional surgery, but as HW123posted the goal is the same - to reconnect your digestive system. I wish you well and hope you get your surgery soon so you can start your road to recovery.
Bast Wishes
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