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Weight gain and diabetic
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I am looking for any suggestions to help my father . He is loosing lots of weight and needs to gain , however he is diabetic and so many of the foods that would help add on weight he cannot have.
Thank you ❤️
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Cynthia Mac
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@Chris3 (can’t get that tag to work - second time this week)

Try “bulking up” any food you give him with something he CAN have, whether that’s adding butter to creamed soups, protein powder sprinkled in stew (you’ll have to watch - some of them could have ingredients that won’t work with his diabetes), nuts, even trail mixes (without white chocolate chips), put cream on his cereal instead of milk. Smoothies made with milk and protein powder might also help, and he can probably have enough fruit to flavour them.

When my Dad was on chemo, his “go to” was steak, so if he can manage it, go for it!
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@Chris3 look for things like Boost. I think there are some available that are low sugar for diabetics. Maybe ask at a pharmacy.

Cynthia Mac
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@DMT and @Chris3 Glucerna is the name of ”Boost” for diabetics.

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