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Anyone live near Burnaby BC?
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If anyone in this Colorectal Forum lives near Burnaby and might be interested in “walking and talking” please reach out. Thank you.

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Sorry you haven't got any responses yet. We have a Fitness Connection group https://cancerconnection.ca/groups/home/97 where there are virtual challenges ( or you can start one ) to keep motivated. Your cancer center might have some connections for walking groups in your area. Or if you are on Facebook, there is likely a community or neighbourhood group where you can post this question. May not get a cancer patient but maybe a walking buddy.

Are you currently in treatment?


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@Lianne_Moderator Thanks Lianne, but was more interested in talking part than walking part. Someone supportive who understands.

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Angiea‍ Hi Angiea
If you wish to talk/chat.....please join the Support Group for Colorectal Cancer patients (and loved one are welcomed).
All Virtual
All free
All Canada
All patients/loved ones can join in
All ages/All stages
Next virtual meeting: Sunday July 17th....1pm-4pm
Please Reach out to Filomena to get your zoom link
Filomena is the President of CCRAN
Colorectal Cancer Resource Action Network

Join....Connect.....talk.....listen....share.....and learn!

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@Angiea I am new just today to the forum . I live in Anmore near Buntzen lake near Burnaby in fact that is where I take my treatment .

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