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Stage 3b Colon Cancer - CAPOX - Cycle 4, Day 1
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Hey community!

Started my last Cycle today (June 30), normally would be tomorrow, but with the holiday it's a day early. Similar IV infusion symptoms during the treatment with my IV arm feeling tingly and super sensitive to touch. Swapped out the heat packs a few times and the super sensitivity this time is just up to the elbow vs. arm pit.

Have first bite and cold sensitivity already … and again I have it in my feet, like Cycle 2. Oncologist has kept me on the higher pill dose since I tolerated it well last time. Hoping for a similar Cycle to 3 … wait and see! Also have that annoying stuffy / runny nose / sneezing thing I've gotten each time right after the IV, sticks around for 2 days. 🤧

** Edit - ha ha, just got reminded of the other two side effects when I got up … have that muscle tightness / cramping in my calfs again an in my hands. Had the fingers lock a few times today, and when I got up when I lift my feet they feel heavy and don't lift as high as I think they are. Doesn't happen all the time though.

Got to ring the bell at the Cancer centre today. Was actually the 3rd one of the day! Had never heard it before. Felt kinda weird / embarrassed / awkward … the nurses were keen for me to do it. I think it may be a bit of a morale booster for the nurses, and I do hope it is the same the other patients vs. it being a reminder of how far they may have to go yet. Really hope it's not an in your face thing. Ugh. That's why I felt weird, but the nurses were super happy and egging me on. 😊 Also have mixed emotions about it because it's just the end of the IV, still have 14 days of pills … plus we don't yet know how much it has helped … though mine is more of a “clean up” to blast everything kind of chemo. Have my follow up with my actual Medical Oncologist on August 9th … though it's a phone call. Will get the info on the monitoring phase and when we'll do the first CT and blood work.

Anyway, just wanted to share the update.

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!!


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@Steph79 Hi Steph……the “Clean Up” WILL Clean Up !

You will be Spic n Span…..and I hope you too, have a nice Long Weekend…….


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Thanks @Whitelilies !!

Glad today was a holiday … worst sleep ever! Fitbit says 1.5 hrs! Watching F1 practice, have a family lunch, then 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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Hey @Steph79, ringing that bell is awesome….and that adenocarcinoma is going down! Capeciteaspartans say so….


I'm with @Whitelilies !

I personally forgot to ring the bell as I was in a hurry to get out for the last time…🏃‍♂️…however, I wish I had rung the bell…

Get some rest and may the F1 gods treat you well…have a great CD weekend! 🍁


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@Steph79 Glad you only had four cycles. I presume that means that you had Stage 2 colon cancer? Mine was Stage 3, so eight cycles of chemo for me! Fortunately, getting the last treatment this Friday, so I get to ring the bell! Wahoo! I have had all of your symptoms, including cold sensitivity (got so bad they reduced the dosage twice), and recurrent hand/feet neuropathy (dosage reduced once). I have been told its temporary, fingers crossed.

Congrats again! You are going to lead a long and happy life when done chemo. That is my plan also.

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