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Low neutrophils and stopped chemo
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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great with everything. I was booked for my second chemo session which canceled due to low neutrophils.Any experience, suggestions? I am really sad about it and Desperately I want to do something to help my body.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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It is common to have chemotherapy delayed while your body recovers from previous treatments. The chemo as well as killing cancer cells can reduce your blood count to a point where you are more prone to infection. If you get below a certain standard, the oncologist needs to give your blood counts a chance to recuperate before continuing with treatment. This is a balancing act to give you enough treatment while not putting you at greater risk by reducing your ability to fight infections. Anyone who takes chemo and other treatments need to be more careful not to become ill (especially with covid 19) as it can cause further delay in your treatment. The link below discusses causes and ways to help recuperate your white blood count as well as your complete blood count.


Get plenty of rest, eat well and keep hydrated, and seek any specific advice from your medical team - specific to your needs.

Hope this helps


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This is so common and had it happen to me. Instead of every 3 weeks chemo changed it to 4 as that extra week makes a difference in getting the numbers up. Don't worry as your 1st round is hard at work still!
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Hi @Narges

During my chemo I had to self inject with Neulasta, 3 days after my chemo infusion. This med made my bone marrow make white cells. Created a lot of pain in my big bones, but was better if I took an antihistamine with it. Neulasta was expensive, but I never had to postpone chemo.

Maybe something to inquire about with your oncologist.

Runner Girl

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