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Chemo treatment update
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Hello everyone, sorry it has taken so long to update , I had my first iv chemo (oxaliplatin) last Thursday and well let me say it knocked me right on my arse,did have an allergic reaction while it was being infused( hands locked, throat started to tighten, the arm with iv in it felt like a sharp stick was being dragged up and down it, blood pressure went up) they gave me allergy meds and steroids and then I was fine. I ve had no energy for anything, it’s a chore just getting out of
bed. I’m slowly starting to get some energy back but I know come the 6th of august that will change. Hope everyone is doing well and ok
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Runner Girl
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Oh my goodness that sounds like a terrible experience. Did they mention what they were going to do next time to mitigate a similar reaction? Perhaps change your chemo to something else?

Be kind to yourself while you recover from this.

Runner Girl

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OMG, @Mamabear — what a fright you had when experiencing your negative reactions during treatment.

Thank goodness you were able to make them known and was treated with success immediately.

Continued success to you

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Mamabear41‍ Hi...I am so sad to hear how awful this experience was for you...I truly hope the medical team can help, and tweak the chemo-combo for you.
I hope you regain your strength slowly.....and that you can kiss your kids goodnight, every night, and sleep tight.
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@Mamabear41, I had the same reaction to oxaliplatin with pain in my forearms. Ended up getting a PICC after the second cycle so ask your oncologist about that if you still experience some pain or reaction in your forearms after the second cycle (looks like you have on the 6th of Aug?). Even with the allergic reaction meds in cycle 2, I experienced a rash on my forearm (only lasted a day or so) that was painful. After the PICC was installed, it was clear sailing for the 3-6 cycles….M

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