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Sacrum pain with a diagnosis of anal cancer
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Hi there I had a colonoscopy done February 6due to being told that a lesion that was on the outside of my anus was anal cancer, I had a ct scan February 18th and I see my oncologist s on Monday February 22nd. I had symptoms since last March blood in stool bleeding from anus and now not only that I have excruciating pain in my sacrum and it radiates up and down my legs to the point it’s almost crippling has anyone with an anal cancer diagnoses ever experienced this symptom I’m afraid the dr s are gonna tell me it’s in the advanced stages already and I’m scared please help !!!!!
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Mamabear41‍ welcome! !! I can only imagine your fear. I'm going to tag WhiteliliesPintoSaharabee‍ and Haemish‍ for you.
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Mamabear41‍ ,

I was tagged by @Brighty because I have colorectal cancer. Specifically rectal cancer, very low. I can't answer questions about anal cancer or sacral pain, but I do know your fear. It's consuming and debilitating in the extreme. I am so sorry. It's awful, I know.

You said the colonoscopy and CT scan were done after your diagnosis? Did anyone give you the results? Do you have access to your results electronically through My Chart?

A word about pain. It's a tricky thing. It sounds like you might have some referred pain from something pressing on a nerve, based on the pain traveling down the leg. The pelvic floor area is rich in nerve tissue. It doesn't take much to compromise a nerve there, causing pain elsewhere. I have referred nerve pain in my back from a previous spinal fracture. It's been getting worse with time and has been excruciating and I was also experiencing shortness of breath. While I was waiting for my CT, I was firmly convinced that my cancer had spread to the lungs. It hasn't. The CT was clear. Since my surgery I have been put on a new nerve medication for the back pain and it is working. My pain is greatly diminished and the shortness of breath is gone. Your pain may be totally unrelated to the cancer or your tumour may be pressing a nerve. You won't know until you get your results. Try to take a deep breath and not let your mind immediately tumble down the rabbit hole of panic (I know, it's hard).

We are here for you. Good luck on Monday. I will be thinking of you. Hugs.

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Mamabear41‍ Hello.......I am sorry to hear about your pain.....please (try) to hang on, and hear what Monday's appt/Dr tells you......the pain may ***not*** be the tumour/movement.....it may be pushing/lying on top of,nerves...as was mentioned earlier.....this truly makes sense. The Dr needs the CT results , has the scope results, to share with you, what treatment they wish, for you......
Perhaps advil can help with the pain, for now?
Time can be on our side too......some cells do not grow rapidly.
I too had symptoms, for almost 4 months, before seeing any medical person.....(I was ashamed, and hoped it would just-go-away-)
It did not.......So I told my GP......
It is almost Monday.....we are all here for support.....keep sharing......
Perhaps....on Sunday, bake cookies with your kids....keep your mind busy......take them for a long walk......have a snowball fight.....watch a funny movie after dinner (get them sleepy for bed time !)
Sending you positive vibes!
(if possible, on Monday, share/if you wish/what Dr has said.)
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Have you told your oncology team specifically about the sacrum and leg pain? It may be referred nerve pain as suggested (been there) but I would suggest the CT scan will give you the complete picture about potential metastasis and or other causes for your pain. Its tough having new things that send our minds to "more cancer" automatically, and remember early detection is always our best toll toward narrowing down the cause and getting the most timely interventions - and or further monitoring.

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I had my oncologist appointment today and it has been confirmed that I have a high grade cancer which they say means it’s aggressive but the only issue is they can’t distinguish whether it’s anal, rectal or anorectal adenocarcinoma and can’t do a treatment plan til they figure that out , my oncologist says I’m a unique case as they haven’t had a case like this before so they are sending me for an mri and pet scan, they told me that the reason for lack of energy and fatigue is due to the agressivness of the cancer, all the oncologist s and pathology are having a meeting together next Thursday to look at the reports and they are hoping to have my mri and pet scan done and results by then , I’m so frustrated I just want this figured out and for treatment to start
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Mamabear41‍ Hello and thank you for sharing about your appt today with the Oncologist......It really is difficult, to wait, and not know the "Plan"......but the Medical Team need all information and results, from these important and upcoming tests/scans, to make the best decision, for your treatment plan. In the big picture......5-7 more days, is small. In your heart and head......it is an eternity.
We all face waiting.......it is hard......
Once again.....use "this time" (of no treatments, etc) to your advantage....
-stock the pantry
-make meals for freezer for your family
-catch up on laundry
-write down any questions you may have for next week
-Most large hospitals, have on staff, a Nurse navigator....they are there to support patients and answer questions etc....they are qualified Nurses, but sole role is patient support......ie my hospital had 1 navigator for Breast....1 for Colon......this nurse was on my Speed Dial!
If you wish more support....there should be a Social Worker too on staff.

We are here for support as well.....
The MRI will give Doctors more info, that they need, to "see" where, exactly the cancer is? Anal area? Rectal area? as you shared....they dont know......you ***want*** them to get it right........this "time to wait" is for your good.....
Write your thoughts in a journal.....this may help you as well, for this time.

Keep sharing.....we are here for you.


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I had my mri early this afternoon And by 4 o clock the specialist called me and told me there’s indeed a mass in my anal canal unfortunately the tumor is growing into my anal muscle which Is why I’m in excruciating pain anyone ever have a tumor grow into their anal muscle if so what was ur treatment
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