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Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by TravelBugMick on Jan 13, 2021 9:01 pm

Hi all, I am in my 50s and was diagnosed with a tumour late last year. Just found out this week it is Stage 3 CRC. I am expecting a pre-op treatment plan next week and this may be both radiation and chemo. I have been maintaining a positive outlook to this point but a review of survival stats tonight has really thrown a wrench in the positive outlook works. Based on my newly minted pessimism for my survival I thought I better get connected with some folks who are going through this themselves or as family supporters. My wife has experienced cancer loss in her family and while she has been a trooper, I now am guilty about putting her through it again. $%^& you, cancer. I have spoken with close friends but have not told any extended family nor my kids. Not really sure how to even do it now without having a complete breakdown. Advice is welcome....

Mick (swirling mass of grief, anger, optimism, pessimism and other sundry emotions, as the day evolves)

Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by Brighty on Jan 13, 2021 9:20 pm

TravelBugMick‍ welcome! Glad you found us... survival stats are just numbers.   You are not a number and I'm going to introduce you to a few folks who have walked your path.    Thsnk you Whitelilies‍ 
‍ ‍ Pinto‍ 
you can  also find many other folks to chat with under 'forums'' cancer types ' and click on 'colorectal cancer'.    We are here to support you.   

Help is out there. All you have to do is reach out.

Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by Whitelilies on Jan 13, 2021 9:33 pm

TravelBugMick‍ Hi Mick....  ***There IS **** lots of hope.
Please halt the dr. google.....it is outdated and as said earlier; you are **not** a number......

Mick...I too am on the Colon Cancer Journey (My dad too)
I was diagnosed at 56 (2018) at NYGH - Toronto -......Doc told me stage 2, early 3.
I was given Radiation off the bat.....followed by 2 surgeries.

I understand all your fears.....and worries.....we all understand......You are **not** putting your wife through anything...you are guilty of nothing.....this is a bump in the road of life, and as your wife, she will wish to support you....allow her to.
Telling others; this is up to you, and only when/if you wish...
Telling kids; up to you......be mindful of age appropriate telling.....
Did you have CT scan yet? Did you have MRI yet?  I will assume yes, as you know the stage....but now await treatment plan.
I was at Sunnybrook for radiation......and NYGH for surgeries.  Both super supportive and wonderful.

Please know that we are here for you....we get it !  we got it too!
I hope others can chime in as well, and share their journies.....of hope!
I too was in a state of **shock**......thought I was healthy?? sigh.....
They found my 3cm tumour, "downtown"....really down the town......on my first **ever* colonoscopy.....I had no idea the doc can "see" cancer???
I thought it was only found on a surgical table?  

I have lots of ideas of support.....but will "hold" now...to not overwhelm.
Glad you shared......you are not alone.
Warmest Regards

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Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by Whitelilies on Jan 13, 2021 9:47 pm

TravelBugMick‍ Hi Mick....I will tag one more member, new, as your self.....on similar journey.....
Thank you to:
Much appreciation, to a new member.


Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by TravelBugMick on Jan 13, 2021 9:53 pm

Thanks Whitelilies‍. My intellectual brain tells me to be positive, that there are very good outcomes and likely all will be good. But the emotional brain darkness nibbles at that optimism. But this week has been a rollercoaster so I imagine it will get better....I have had a number of tests (colo, CT, MRI, etc.) so I am hoping the docs have a good idea of what they are up against. Pre-op routine is to shrink the tumour to ensure margins are clear and mitigate transfer. So, pretty much just go through the motions and then hope for the best. I'd hoist a stiff drink but I think staying off the sauce is better for the body....boooo.

Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by Whitelilies on Jan 13, 2021 9:59 pm

TravelBugMick‍ Hi Mick.....nono to sauce, for now.
I had **same** journey.......PLEASE have hope.
I too had : CT, colo, MRI, cea blood work and a **bonus** colonoscopy......was a true "party" downtown...
Doc told me he wanted to shrink the 3 cm tumour before any surgery.
Radiation, started off, the treatment plan.
Then they "check" if this does shrink.
Then doc decides what is next......generally surgery....but everyone is different in needs and location of tumour etc.

When is your next appt?
Please write down all your questions.

Go have a HOT tea.....HOT cocoa....add marshmallows..... "Sauce" is for the After-Party......which you **will** have.....soon.


Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by TravelBugMick on Jan 14, 2021 6:13 pm

I am ok without the sauce and will focus on a healthy choices to maximize outcomes. Have a couple of appointments next week and may be into pre-op treatment to shrink tumour inside of 2-3 weeks. Surgery (open anterior resection) will follow but I am really wondering about recovery time after the surgery. I know radiation and chemo will not be pleasant but I can push through no probs. But I hate sitting around (must have ADD) so need to be on the move. Can anyone shed light on recovery time with that type of surgery? Please and thanks in advance!

Re: Intro - newly diagnosed with S3 CRC

Posted by Whitelilies on Jan 15, 2021 10:54 am

TravelBugMick‍ Hello Mick....I decided to google "Open Anterior ReSection".....it came up with : Lower Anterior Re section/LAR.......I wanted to check, so I can share my journey, which was the LAR.
(Note; I had radiation, before, surgery, to shrink the 3cm tumour, in a yucky location)
Surgery is between 3-4 hours.....time in hospital to heal and get strong/back on your feet, ie 3-5 days in hospital.
Healing at home; a bit of time.....(a few weeks). Please, rememer, we all heal at a different pace.....it will depend if your surgery is by laparoscopy, or fully "open"....(one large incision vs a few smaller ones, for the scope's arms....I call them tentacles)....Try not to laugh TOO much, as that causes discomfort in belly zone.  Try not to bend to much, as it will be difficult, in the beginning.
Perhaps, now is a good time to; reduce red meats, reduce dairy, reduce processed foods....increase water, fruits, veggies, nuts.
Mick....I was told  will need a temporary Ileostomy bag, once surgery is completed....in order to have the 2 ends, heal further.  This was 6 months worth.
Probably same time-line to heal.....the soreness in abdomen/lower area, will subside.....follow all dr instructions of post care.....and then "Pass the Sauce To Me !"

Ask any questions...we are listening.