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Re: Struggling

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Dec 28, 2020 11:17 pm

I’m glad you could see the spirit in what I wrote to you, Haemish‍ .

Your body has been through an awful lot this year. In my mind, it’s ok for you to take whatever time you need to recover from that.

I love this:

I had always taught what the model of health looked like in terms of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being but never lived it.

While you’re being honest, I’d venture that very few people are living this “ideal.” (I know I’m not there!) It reminded me of an exercise in the Artist’s Way, where you take these attributes and assign them into sections of a “pie” drawn on paper. Then, you put a dot in each slice. If, for example, you have an abundance of physical, you place your dot near the “crust,” and if you are severely lacking in the area of physical, you put the dot near the pointy end of the slice. Once you’ve filled it all out, you connect the dots. The idea is to give you a visual to work with.
“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” - Japanese saying

Re: Struggling

Posted by SpeedyStill on Dec 29, 2020 6:52 pm

I am checking in tonight but not for long.
The ideal life does not exist only the impressions we have in our minds.
This is the line I used to get.
"You look so good you must be doing well".
It is the road I suggest but not the road where you will get the concern you might need.
I have trouble doing it now but when I go out I try to look my best and walk with my head held high.
For who am I to look down at you. You are a human like me no matter your challenges.
My mind is mine to look after you will never know what is up there.
You are important and you are special
let no one take that away from you.
Speedystill  (As my handle discribes)
Happy New Year to all

Re: Struggling

Posted by MCM on Dec 30, 2020 9:51 am

Struggling seems to be a huge part of our lives.  Help comes in many shapes and forms.  The oncology department should have programs and individuals that you can be referred to which can be a big help.  I have also found groups, who meet via Zoom at this time, through the Hospice house but you do not have been be palliative, many I have met with are in remission, newly diagnosed, etc.  Found it to be a well rounded group which meets once a week, participation is mandatory.

Ostomy Clothing Company Canada | Designed for Men and Women  I have no connections with this company but I do believe that if you can help yourself feel more comfortable you can feel better.  
If you can, take each moment as a victory!  Each task as a step in the right direction whether it is getting out of bed, putting on your shorts, whatever and each day is a new day, do not judge yourself by yesterday or the day before.

Re: Struggling

Posted by TravelBugMick on Jan 13, 2021 10:32 pm

Haemish‍, just joined this community today and just starting my journey. I liken my journey to a scene out of a Mad Max movie where Max needs to dodge all the nasty post-apocolyptic survivors but still manages to hit the supercharger clutch and break through to freedom....

Silly analogy but reading your post and follow-up has been very helpful for me...thnx for sharing....



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