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Hello Lighthouse / Rectal Cancer

Hello Lighthouse / Rectal Cancer

Posted by Whitelilies on Jun 30, 2020 7:07 pm

Lighthouse‍ Hello
Welcome to our site.....and I am sorry for your reason.  Wonderful that you are able to support your husband.
I too have/had colo-rectal cancer.....yup WAY "down-there"....Stage 2/3.
I can offer tips on radiation (surgery too !), but I did not have chemo.

Radiation:......in my case, it was full bladder......not sure for your husband.....if so; then I found it "easier" to drink the water right at hospital, instead of enduring the car ride/bumps in road on a full bladder. Radiation, will be daily you wrote.  He may need to get "markers/dot like tattoos" on his belly/lower area,first off..... to guide the radiation technologists to place beams/eqmt in correct spot....to get BEST effect. (YUP that really means........ another appointment !)

Radiation, may soon bring a hint of discomfort....some have diarrhea....some have constipation....be ready to support both....suggest hubby eat lighter meals, or as needed.....A sitz bath (bath salts) may ease any discomfort, as the radiation sessions continue.
Radiation is generally to shrink tumour......is there any mention of a surgery?  (I had the L.A.R......lower anterior re-section.....)

I hope I have helped a bit......if you have other questions, please simply ask......

Warmest Regards,

(in Toronto)

Brighty‍ thank you for the tag

Re: Hello Lighthouse / Rectal Cancer

Posted by alexisrj on Jun 30, 2020 11:49 pm

Whitelilies‍  Lillian, I just tagged you on my other post before I saw this one you wrote! I’m glad you’ve connected with Lighthouse‍ over here!