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It's official - I definitely have Cancer!

Re: It's official - I definitely have Cancer!

Posted by Aries on Apr 3, 2019 12:51 am

Hi CherylW‍ 
I am going to the Agency in Surrey too which is far easier than going into Vancouver.
That's great to hear about you having a reprieve until September - hopefully you will get to enjoy the summer. But definitely if you are around at some point, maybe when you have to head back there, I would be happy to meet up. The more we can support each other, the better! 😊

Re: It's official - I definitely have Cancer!

Posted by CherylW on Apr 3, 2019 1:03 am

Hey girl, Anytime after April 13th ( I'm moving) I'm available to meet and support a friend 💖

Re: It's official - I definitely have Cancer!

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Apr 3, 2019 9:44 am

Aries‍ Congratulations on making it through this step! I know very well the fear you went through at the start of the port procedure. I had my routine colonoscopy last week, and the anesthesiologist quickly realized that I was going to be a “problem child” when I started to seize up and breathe heavy as soon as he took my hand. So, kudos to you!  I have an aunt who says, “growing old isn’t for sissies!” And I believe she’s right.

ashcon‍ , do you think your mom’s reaction to your port was due to it being a “visible sign” that you were actually going through this?

CherylW‍ , you’re a sweetie! I wish you all the best in your journey, too! It would be great to be in Vancouver and meet you both!

Re: It's official - I definitely have Cancer!

Posted by Aries on Apr 3, 2019 11:01 am

Hi ashcon‍  - Thanks for your lovely response. I hadn't thought about how I write and give you updates on myself but I hope they do help those who are currently "read only" and maybe encourage them to post too so they can also get the great support that you all give me! And once I get further into this journey and gain more experience, I will be able to return the favour and support you all more too 😊 

As for the port - I think you are right, it is some tension as well as stiffness from bruising and the fact I keep moving like it's not there so keep irritating the area! 😏 And great way to think about the placement - you could be right!
As for you mother's reaction, I thought the same as Cynthia Mac‍ - that perhaps the visual of seeing you with the port brought home what you are actually dealing with. To you, it meant the first step to getting better but having looked at my own scars I can see how your mum might have viewed it; I looked at mine and while I feel the same as you, that this is the first step to getting better, it also made me feel like "OK, this is really official now".

I will keep that "wine cork" visual for the Huber needle - we'll see if I can manage it! I will update you on my chemo start date when I get it - thanks for your encouragement.

Hi Cynthia Mac‍ - "growing old isn't for sissies!" never truer words have been spoken! haha