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Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A new therapy has been putting previously untreatable cancers into remission for children and young adults.
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From W5 March 07/19

"CAR-T stands for chimeric antigen receptor T-Cell therapy. Simply put, the patient’s own immune cells are taken from their blood and then in truly remarkable individualized therapy, those immune cells, their T cells, are modified so that they are able to recognize the cancer cells and kill them. The new and improved cancer killing cells are then re-injected into the patient where they go to work destroying cancer cells.

On W5’s journey we met two very special ALL patients. Jordan McInerney was four months old when she was diagnosed, and Cameron Lahti was three when he first got ill. Both went through multiple treatments—chemo, radiation; plus a bone marrow transplant for Jordan—but they both failed and relapsed.

They both joined a groundbreaking CAR T cell clinical trial conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia -- their last hope.

There are still questions about CAR T -- the cost, and there is no long-term data because it is so new. But as a physician treating patients in the community, the evolution to personalized medicine of this sort changes the way we see cancer and is incredibly exciting."

Developed in the USA,  "Pharmaceutical company Novartis owns the patent for the groundbreaking cancer treatment CAR T-cell therapy which it markets under the brand name Kymriah. The therapy costs about $637,000 CAD per treatment in the U.S. Kymriah was approved by Health Canada in 2018. Novartis wouldn’t confirm its proposed Canadian price to W5 as it is still under negotiation."

There is a video portion as well as the article.


Years of research paying off in clinical trials, and now approved for use by Health Canada. Just negotiating the price.


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ACH2015‍  I suppose the situation is that if more children can be treated successfully with CAR-T, there will be more requests for it and the price will gradually go down. In the meantime though, what a terrible thing for young children and their parents!
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