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Worse than I thought
I received a letter from the hospital today with some insurance documentation and it had my diagnosis, something I didn’t want to see. I wanted to remain in my happy place based on a visual by my ob of 2B, even though she warned me it was at least 2B and it was visual and she is not an oncologist. Turns out I am 3C. Trying to stay positive and reminding myself that I know 2 people diagnosed stage 4 and both are still here 30 years later. Hoping I can learn some mind control so I don’t linger. I will not be googling either. I have trust in my drs and will only do some in depth googling if treatment doesn’t work out.

Second round of chemo yesterday and working on week 2 of my radiation appointments.

Also a bit of a rough day because my mortgage company responded to my disability mortgage claim. They hadn’t updated the website with the new forms so I get to start again. This means asking the hospital to also complete another set of forms and they also want an employer statement. Still no word on my disability work claim or my short term disability. My disability claim said I would have an answer in 10 business days, but so far nothing. I’m giving them a few extra days, but will follow up on Friday if I don’t have an answer as it will be 15 days.

Thanks for being a safe space to vent. There is so much going on and the money aspect is just another worry. I feel bad for people with no work insurance, this could be so much worse. If my claim was processed it would be one less thing to worry about. The gas alone is killing me, not to mention my husband shutting early to get me to treatments. I don’t know what I would do without him. Happy that it has been confirmed I only need one long hospital day per week. This will cut our city drives down to 6 per week. We have also been able to avoid hospital parking for treatments as well.
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good morning friend.

you hit the nail on the head when you say that this community is a safe place. EXACTLY.

and the fact that there are so many others in the ‘same’ boat….this cancer thing is not just the numbers we are assigned….it is the insurance claims, the paperwork that gets ‘misplaced’, the tanks of gas $$$$$$$$, parking $$$$$$$, and the daily exhaustion that comes with dealing with all of this stuff on top of getting well again!

on and on we all go in our cancer story.

I hope you can chase down the insurance claim and at least get that one thing off of your to do list this week.

hugs to you, and your amazing spouse
let us know how things move along when you are able.


#cancerconnectioncommunity #financialburdenofcancer

Cynthia Mac
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GeorginaJennie‍ - I’m sorry to hear that your staging is a full step ahead of what you first learned.

It’s up to you, of course, but since the mortgage company failed to do something at their end, I would give them some push-back… the information from your health care providers should still be sufficient for them, and you shouldn’t have to go through all that again.

Is there anyone in your company’s HR department who can press the disability company for information on your behalf?

Ugh, it makes me so upset to hear of companies (insurance, financial, etc.) giving people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer this type of run-around! I’m so sorry that you’re another victim of it!
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Hello @GeorginaJennie

I am sorry about your diagnosis. Mine was Stage3B High Grade Serous Ovarian, in remission now for over a year, BRCA2 positive.

It is so unfortunate that the daily worries of finances, childcare, house maintenance, and all else can't just freeze until we get through our treatments. There certainly is enough stressful thinking and emotional upheaval with the diagnosis, surgery, and treatment.

I would like to recommend a book called Love, Medicine and Miracles by Bernie S. Seigel, MD. It helped me immensely when I was early into my cancer path. I trusted my excellent healthcare team with the medicine and I did everything I could to keep my mind and body in the best shape possible for the fight. This included yoga, meditation, nutrition, art, gratitude journal. It can't change the price of gas or the difficult financial balance…but peace of mind is worth working for.

Does your cancer centre have a support services? My support worker, who I still meet with once a month was incredibly supportive in helping get paperwork done, finding answers to questions of the medical team and I believe that she would have helped source any financial assistance if needed. It is available for any cancer patient or their caregivers.

Also - I believe you are in Ontario…check out Wellspring.ca for supportive services and workshops. They are fantastic.

Best wishes to you. Reach out anytime.


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