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Cervical cancer roller coaster ride

I am 66 years and have been on a roller coaster ride of abnormal Pap smears for 30 years. Each time I got a Pap smear it came up abnormal and I had to get a second one done a few weeks later which turned out fine. Fast forward to October 2020 and my latest Pap smear turns up abnormal once again except this time a new doctor specializing in oncology demanded a leep. Leep results ok but doctors not happy.

I ended up with another leep two months later plus a mammogram , a colonoscopy and a colposcopy, multiple xrays, the radioactive pet scan, mri scan , and cat scan all of which were negative for cancer. But my doctors were not happy and was referred to another team of oncologists to do my third leep in six months.

This time they found sin3 precancerous cells so I agreed to a total hysterectomy just to put an end to 30 years of uncertainty. I am past menopause so I have no use for my reproductive organs anyways.

The hysterectomy September 2021 was a piece of cake, very little pain and I stopped bleeding only 4 days after surgery!

Unfortunately they found 1b1 cancer in what little was left of my cervix. My oncology surgeons were not expecting actual cancer and are frustrated that they didn’t give me a radical hysterectomy which would have removed the lymph nodes. So now I have to go thru radiation! Dammit.

Needless to say I am exhausted, depressed and totally stressed out. I try to remind myself that it’s only stage one cancer but I am angry that the technicians who examined all my biopsies this year missed my cancer.

Glad my 4 oncologists kept sending my biopsy results back for review over and over again.

Not looking forward to radiation.

Moral of story … sometimes your doctors intuition is better than the biopsy reports.

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Yesterday I had my post op internal exam. Doctor was not happy and took a tissue sample for biopsy. Now am on waiting list for another radioactive pet scan. This constant waiting for results is draining all my mental and emotional energies.

Thinking of you @Rollercoaster . Thank you for sharing your story. I have no doubt it will help others as well.

We will be waiting alongside you as you wait for your pet scan and the results.

Reach out whenever you need.

Did they give you a rough guesstimate of when to expect the scan?


Nope. Constantly waiting for that call.

Latest biopsy shows another cancerous spot that’s aggressive. Don’t understand why the mri,pet, and ct scans show zero cancer but biopsy reports say cancer.

now scheduled for radiation and chemo. Chemo scares me . Anybody have chemo experience?

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Hello @Rollercoaster - so sorry to read your new test results. I remember feeling so concerned about chemo and so did my son when we started it but as many people experience it was not as bad as we thought it would be. The medications given to my son worked really well to mitigate side effects of chemo.

I am tagging @B4H @DaisyMae @DMT @Bigsis @LJW who may be able to share their thoughts and experience's with their cancer treatments. Thank you to those who can support a new person.

May you find some comfort here with us.

Warm hugs


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