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Cervical Cancer
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I am 53 years old newly diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, haven't been given what stage, I have a PET Scan and MRI June 2nd its terrifying. I was hoping to reach out to someone that has been through this, they are booking me for a radical hysterectomy very soon.
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Hi Baucoin‍ welcome! As luck would have it you did already get a few responses to your other post. This community is awsome !!!!!
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Hello Baucoin‍ ,

I am 58 years old and since part of my tumour was in my cervix and part in my uterus, they didn't know for sure which type I had until after my hysterectomy. They were leaning to uterine cancer, and the pathology after the surgery showed they were correct.

The MRI and Petscan will tell the doctors what stage of cancer you have. I was diagnosed a year ago with Stage 3C Uterine cancer, which meant that I had a cancer tumour, and that it had spread to many lymph nodes in my pelvis and abdomen. It was a hard time waiting to hear of the full diagnosis and it was hard to hear the full diagnosis, but my husband and I agreed, knowing the full diagnosis was better, despite how difficult that was. I had my husband over the phone for the diagnosis because we were very early into COVID and he couldn't come in with me. Make sure that one way or another you have a loved one present either in-person, or on phone or zoom for the diagnosis. It is difficult, and I found that once they told me, I didn't really hear much more. My husband could fill in the blanks for me. Actually, after that appointment, my daughter ended up recording any other visits on her phone, during the time that the doctor was updating us. That was so helpful to go back to.

I pretty well distracted myself for the 2 weeks of waiting between my initial diagnosis of cancer and my visit to the oncologist.

Please keep us posted .
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