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Hello, I'm new and thought I'd reach out here first in hopes of connecting with other women who are struggling with cervical cancer diagnoses + fertility issues. After a routine PAP, colposcopy, biopsy and LEEP I was officially diagnosed with cervical cancer. I'm 31 and no children. I was offered a fertility-preserving radical trachelectomy because of the size of the tumor and because of my age. Most importantly, a radical trachelectomy and radical hysterectomy would have the same oncologic recurrence rate.
However, my scans came back showing stage 4 endometriosis (can cause major infertility) and I already knew I had bicornuate uterus (causes pregnancy complications). And then the surgery itself would increase my risk of miscarriage and premature birth by 20-30%.

I'm at a major cross roads with whether or not I even have enough fertility to "preserve" after going through with a trachelectomy. Right now, I'm waiting on surgery for a radical hysterectomy, where they will remove my uterus. I'm still fighting to get a phone call in with a fertility specialist or OBGYN who can just give me some concrete numbers in terms of my overall chances of every having a successful pregnancy, considering all of my risks. Ultimately, anybody will tell me it's a decision that's up to me. Risks considered. 

Radiation is unknown at this point. I think if I went through with a trachelectomy, and then if radiation was required, it would cause harm to my uterus and be another added risk down the road as well. 

Another thing I wanted to throw out there about trachelectomies was abdominal versus minimally invasive. Has anybody had either and willing to talk about it? I read enough reports from 2018 to scare me away from a robotic/minimally invasive surgery.

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