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Metastatic Brain Cancer
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My mom had breast cancer 12 years ago, and she removed one of her breasts. She has no spots on her other breast. However, cancer has metastasized to her bones, liver, lungs, 1 eye and recently brain in summer 2020.

For the past 4.5years, she has been receiving chemotherapy. I am so scared about her brain cancer, she has more than 20 spots, all of them are scattered and very small (less than 1cm). She underwent 8 sessions of WBRT. Her last CT scan showed stable growth of spots in the affected organs (no increase).

I am so anxious to even ask her oncologist about her life expectancy because she is always beside me, and maybe I do not want to hear what the doctor will say. I keep thinking every day about this and it is very emotional to me, but I do not show it to my mom. I want to ask if anyone here has the same case as my mom? Is she going to live long? 

Thank you in advance.
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i am a caregiver also. My hubby has Glioblastoma a terminal brain cancer . They gave him 14 months and its 13 now , We still get clear MRI's but hate thinking we have it beat. Very hard abd your mom has been thru enough already ( and you) , If you need to talk or share Im here 
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Hello Sarah1675,

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's battle. Each case is slightly different, and the outcomes would be dependent on where in the brain her tumours are located. My father passed away 6 months ago from lung cancer that metastasized and spread to his brain, so I understand the emotional relevance and strength required to not show while around them.

Her prognosis is going to vary dependent on location and type of tumours, but the fact she is still able to withstand chemotherapy is a good thing!

You should be able to request to speak with the oncologist off to the side at an appointment to ask the hard questions, if you want to know the answers.

Unfortunately there isn't a straight answer that can be obtained on the forum, but if you'd like some help with questions to ask the oncologist and care team, and ways to help while caregiving, I and the community members here are happy to try to offer help.
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