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Hello everyone,

is there anyone driving a car that has Glioblastoma?  Doctors revoked my drivers license even though I have never had a seizure or bad headaches.

thank you.
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Hi terryg‍ 
Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear that your license has been revoked.  When did that happen? How long have you been dealing with this diagnosis?

I found this post from Rabbit‍ (posted in Jan 2017) . It highlights an important point: apparently even if your license is not revoked, your insurance company may not cover you if you do get into an accident.
A Drivers Surprise

I'm sure Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada can provide you with more infornation on this topic! 
Let us know what you find out - I'm sure others would benefit from what you can share.
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I was diagnosed this passed october 2019 and that is when they revoked my license.
Welcome to the site terryg‍ 

I did a quick search on the site for members dealing with glioblastoma .
I want to introduce you to Sanwad65‍  who is the caregiver for her husband , erinmla‍ whose mother has been diagnosed.and Patti1234‍ whose son was diagnosed.

Are any of you able to shed some light on terryg‍ 's question regarding driving?

Thank you

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Hello everyone,

is there anyone driving a car that has Glioblastoma?  Doctors revoked my drivers license even though I have never had a seizure or bad headaches.

thank you.

Hi terryg

My son had his drivers license revoked but it was because his peripheral vision was affected before his surgery and then didn't improve after the surgery.  His vision got a bit worse after.   I think depending on where the tumour is located might be a factor in their decision.  If you have any other questions or anything please let me know.

Orlando‍ did your wife have her license revoked? 
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My husband had his license revoked by the doctor but when he went to pay they said his license didn’t have any restrictions so now I m more stress because by low he is allowed to drive , the only good thing about it’s the he said the he don’t want too!
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I'm new too...no idea how this works...
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Good morning all.
My husband was diagnosed just over 2 months ago with a Glioblastoma. It was suggested that he not drive, for the reason other members have posted, that insurance will likely not cover him in the event of an accident, but they never revoked his driver's license. He never had any seizures prior to his surgery to remove the tumor, and right now he appears to be back to himself so I haven't stopped him from driving. It would be the worst blow for him, out of everything he has been through. He lives for his cars and snowmobiles. So for now, I'm watching him extremely closely for any signs that he is slipping, and since he isn't working, he isn't driving anywhere anyway these days. We're taking it all 1 day at a time. 
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several years ago my neurologist discovered a tumour about the size of a small walnut in my brain. It was stable in size for several years until 2 years ago and is now growing at about 1 mm per year mostly in one direction. Last year my gp and the neurologist said it was growing so slowly and I was having zero problems from it that they would just monitor it yearly. They also said many people have these without knowing and end up dieting from order diseases.  This fall the neurologist changed his mind and would like to do a biopsy to see what type of cancer it is to decide on treatment. I was ok with this until he mentioned 5% chance of a brain bleed including stroke and a 1 % chance of death with sounds kind of permanent to me. Since I don’t have any symptoms and it’s growing very slowly according to him I’m reluctant to have it done for obvious reasons to me. What do people think about this? Plus, they have not taken my license away.
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Scienceguy‍ no surgery is without risk. They kind of have to tell you you might die so that they don’t get sued if you do...5% and 1% are very small numbers...

If there is no other way to tell what type of tumour you have, I guess you have to go with the biopsy.

im sorry you are having to face this decision. Do you have a family member to talk it through with?

best wishes, Essjay
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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have others to talk with about this and hopefully will have some more feedback from others especially about brain biopsies.
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