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Hi Everyone, I am a Brain Cancer fighter and Survivor since is was diagnosed with Astrocytoma back in October 2018 ,but I am here for you alll
I Am Shinning Light
I was diagnosed with Astrocytoma Brain Cancer in October of 2018 and boy did that change my world but something deep inside told me I had to fight this and could beat this by staying positive and picturing this cancer being destroyed and knowing my brain is still the best healing tool I have I knew I had to Stay strong for my roommates at the Hospital, so many sleepless night and yes I was scared and still am but Having control over my fears has helped me get rid of my anxiety and panic attacks, focus on what keeps you Grounded is What My radiation team told me and It works wonders, you will have days that you just don't know what will happen but stay strong, stay true and know that your Cancer Team is there for you and are Amazing To, They are the Best💗 , I to am Here for anyone who is dealing with whatever type cancer you have, we are in this together and I believe in all of you , we can be Champions in this , Actually we are Champions facing are toughest challenge but take this with you, The Universe or God gives his toughest challenges to his strongest people , Believe in yourself, stand tall and beat this with me my Friends and remember I am here if you need a friend who understands, You are not alone in this 💗
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ShinningLight‍ I have moved your post to our brain and spinal forum. Thanks so much for posting.

I would like to introduce you to Orlando‍ 
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