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My nephew was diagnosed with brain cancer last week, Need help coping
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My family got the most horrible news last week my 16 year old nephew suddenly got sick about 3 weeks ago and was diagnosed with brain cancer. They were told it is inoperable and they can't do chemo but will try radiation this week to try and slow it down. I'm so heart broken having a hard time coping. I can't even believe this is happening.
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Hi Barbie123‍ so sorry for your family’s news.

You've found an awesome community here where you should find comfort and advice from those who have experienced cancer or who are caregivers.

And there are fantastic, trained people at the end of a phone who can answer most questions if it would help to talk to someone at the Cancer society information service 1-888-939-333.

Theres also a service to match people within patients and caregivers who have experienced the same or similar cancer www.match.cancer.ca

I am sure you are all shocked and in a daze at the news but do you have any particular questions just now?

best wishes Essjay 

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Is there a way to send messages privately?
Wendy Tea
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Barbie123‍  Yes, click on the person's picture then a side bar menu will come up on the left with an option to Send Message. Ok?
Welcome Barbie123‍ .
Very sorry to hear of your nephew's diagnosis. I am glad you have reached out here and shared your introduction.
We have a discussion forum for brain cancer here: https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewcategory/61
we also have caregiver discussions here:https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewcategory/35 

I see that Essjay‍  has share our helpline and Wendy Tea‍ has shown you how to private message someone.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to reach out

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Barbie123‍ Hello
I am so sorry to hear this news. I simply send you HUGS from afar.....send you strength to lift those loved ones who need it most....

Hi Barbie123‍ 
I saw your message and I to have Brain cancer, I was diagnosed with Astrocytoma grade 3 and it was scary when I found out after I woke up at the hospital from having a seizure, it was hard to cope but I found that staying positive and embracing my cancer team helped a lot, the cancer society has great programs to help your nephew cope as well but I can say what has helped me beat this so far is like I said Positive thinking and picturing the cancer going away and give myself projects and goals, don't look to the past and try to focus on the future and what he will be doing , this helps the brain go into healing mode, his brain is still the most powerful tool he has and it can help him heal like it does when he cuts a finger as an example, believe in yourself and that he can beat this and thrive and that positive attitude his Cancer team will give him , I believe he can beat this as well and he has a buddy in me if he is feeling down , stay strong ,stay positive , don't give up, eat healthy and make sure he gets good proteins to help in the healing process.
You will be the champ if you believe. 💪✌

How is your nephew doing? Do you know what type of brain cancer?

I'm so glad you met ShinningLight‍. I would also like to introduce you to Orlando‍ and mchesher‍ who have experience with brain cancer. 

Thinking of you,
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Hello, I am so sorry to hear that . stay strong and be optimistic. Thats how I have been coping with a grade 4 brain cancer since April of 2019.
I cant imagine the situation you are in right now but please be happy and try to show your impacted love one your positive side. I remember my wife standing by my side in times of difficulty and trying to give me hope and she honestly did. We, diagnosed with this tumor, need love and support the most. Wish you all the best from Ottawa-Gatineau. Stay safe and strong please.
Barbie123‍ I'm sorry he has to go through this. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour as well when I was 16. I'm 44 next week. He has a hell of a fight, frustrations, and even some positive life lessons, on the way. For me the physical stuff, surgeries, and so on, was the easy stuff because you just do it because there's no choice. It's the emotional and mental part that's the toughest.
You coming on here to look for support says a lot about how great the support he has is.
Best wishes to him and the whole family.
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