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Lymphoma in Brain
Hi, as a result of the current Covid crisis, I feel pretty helpless and hopeless here, but I am wondering if anyone knows a trusted nero-oncologist in Vancouver that knows a lot about lymphoma?... I guess I am drawing straws here but my father had a very serious seizure yesterday after his care team started to reduce his Kepra medication for small seizures.  Why would they reduce the medication if he was starting to feel better? The plan was to get him in radiation within 2 weeks and the majority of his care team seemed to have a positive outlook on his recovery.   I love him and he has battled cancer 3 times now.  First testicular in his 30,s, then intestinal cancer in 2019 and now this.... He has been so conscious of his health over the years but this last diagnosis really has hit home.

He has been having various seizures the past 3 weeks, but this last one really knocked him out.  Now things are spiraling for the worse in the hospital during this easter longweekend and it feels agonizing.  I feel helpless here and wonder if anyone has any good advice?  Thanks in advance to all of you.  I have been going through these forums and posts for hrs and I am mesmerized by the courage of people on here. 
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One cancer diagnosis is more than any person needs in a lifetime. I'm sorry your Dad has been through three.

Such a difficult situation your facing. I am glad you found our community for support.

Unfortunately the only person who can answer questions about your Dad's medication change is his Doctor. How are you currently communicating with them by phone? Asking for a second opinion is an option as well. You may also find it helpful to speak to one of our Information Specialists they are great listeners and so helpful. You can reach them at 1-888-939-3333. 

We don't always have the answers here but we can listen and support you.

Keep us posted,

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