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Seniors on Anastrozole
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Hello all, does anyone know of a senior (my mom is 77) on anastrozole? We have been told it has proven to be better for postmenopausal women. I've looked at the study (Anastrozole vs Tamoxifen) and note that it does have a better non-reoccurrence rate however, concerned about the fracture potential. We will have a bone density test for sure to get a baseline. She has never been on any kind of medication beyond the odd case for antibiotics and is very resistant to do anything due to her anxiety disorder. Doesn't take vitamins, OTC's, nada. Just wondering if anyone saw fractures/bone loss for this age group.

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Thanks for posting, this is a great question. Your Mom is lucky to have your support in researching important information like this.

You may find it helpful to connect with our Cancer Information Helpline to see if they have any additional information about this medication and seniors. You can reach them at 1-888-939-3333. I thought this discussion may also interest you: bone density and Anastrozole -- ??? how do you get your calcium?? - CancerConnection.ca.

It is great that the doctor plans on checking her bone density. It may help with peace of mind to ask how often they can monitor her bone density while on the treatment.

When does she start the treatment?


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