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Clear lymph nodes- Docetaxel / Taxotere
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Hello everyone,

I just had an ultrasound that was to be followed by a biopsy in case the radiologist found any compromised lymph nodes, but it wasn’t necessary, all clear. I am extremely happy, and thankful for this blessing!

I will start the Docetaxel part of my chemo and would like to know if any of you have experience with this treatment, and what the side effects have been like for you. We are all different, but sometimes a little tip regarding someone else’s experience means a lot.

Wishing you all a superb and speedy recovery!🤗
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Runner Girl
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Hello, congrats on clear lymph nodes.

Mine were clear too. I had 6 rounds of Docetaxal. I lost my nose hair 2 days after my first round and the hair on my head 14 days after my first round. Losing your nose hair means there is nothing to hold the fluid so keep kleenex handy at all times. It is advisable to have ice on your hands/feet during the infusion as it can cause peripheral neuropathy. I sipped cold water to avoid mouth/throat sores. I did develop nose sores - remedy - diaper rash cream (found on UK chat site) worked really well. My right eye “leaked” until a month after chemo ended.

Wishing you well with this treatment.

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So happy your nodes are clear.I also received Docetaxel and I did have some problems.
I lost all my hair about the time I started my second cycle. I used a little Vaseline in my nostrils because of The dry air in our house. I used a room humidifier that helped at bit.
I also dealt with neuropathy in my hands. I continue to wear compression gloves at night but the discomfort has gotten better. I was started on gabapentin which I continue to use but at a lower dose than when I started chemo.
I developed mouth sores during my second cycle. I used the salt and baking soda every 2 hours during the day. My clinic nurse told me to use it a lot so I did. It took a week to clear up.

i also drank a lot of water…probably 3 litres a day. It really does help.

I became extremely constipated thanks to the ondansetron and dexamethasone. I used Restolax and it helped somewhat. There’s other drugs to help if that becomes an issue.

Make sure you let your team know of all your physical issues. They truly listen and will help guide you and make suggestions.

best of luck

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I finished my first round almost 2 weeks ago. I am getting better day by day but experienced nausea and vomiting and what felt like muscle pains.

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@Tati Good morning. i‘m very happy your lymph nodes were clear. I finished 4 rounds of chemo in early November and have my mastectomy and reconstruction surgery later today. I was nauseated after my first round of chemo and vomited twice. My hair began to fall out in clumps after my second round so I had a friend shave my head( she’s a hair stylist). I developed callouses on my feet during treatment which have now disappeared. They made it a little painful to walk at times but I used plenty of foot cream during my treatments which I’m sure helped. I developed an itchy rash around my neck after my second treatment which was treated with 1% steroid cream and disappeared within a few days. I didn’t use the cream at all after the rash was gone. I drank an ocean of water and used the oral solution twice a day throughout the eight weeks of chemo-I didn’t develop mouth sores but I found i had a strong taste of metal whenever I ate. All in all it wasn’t the nightmare I thought it would be. I hope your treatment goes well. I’m always here to chat if you need. ❤️

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@Runner Girl

Thank you for the feedback and tips!

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Thank you so much for the feedback!
I lost my hair during the FEC adjuvant cycle, so, no more hair to go, other than browns, and nostrils.

The humidifier and restore lax are great tips, thank you!

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Hi dear,

I am sorry to hear about your symptoms from the Docetaxel.

My anti nausea regime, for the FEC portion of the treatment was amazing, I didn’t experience any nausea. We are all different, but just in case you want to ask your doc, I was taking the following:

  • Dexamethasone 12mg po 60 mins prior to chemo and 4mg bid for 2days
  • Ondansetron 8mg po 60 min before chemo and 8 mg in the evening (1day)
  • Aprepitant Tri-pack: 125 mg 60 min prior to chemo; 80 mg daily for 2 days
  • Prochlorperazine 6mg sc 24-72hrs after chemo.

Take care and 🙏 I am praying that you feel well soon!

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Hi dear,

Thank you for sharing your experience, I pray 🙏 that all goes well with your surgery!

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