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Scarring from surgery
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Hi, I had a lumpectomy a week and a half ago. I also had a few lymph nodes taken from my arm pit ( don’t remember the terminology). I had to take the steri strips off and realized that what I thought was packing under my arm is actually puckered skin. The suturing is horrible and rubs ( although most of the area is numb). I’m wondering if this is common or did the surgeon think because I’m in my mid 60s I don’t care about appearance? I am worried that if I have radiation that this raised areas will be affected. Does anyone know? I am feeling like I have been mangled by the surgeon on top of the attack by cancer.
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Welcome to Cancer Connection.

It sounds as if you may be referring to the area where a sentinel node biopsy was done. This soon after your surgery, there may still be a considerable amount of swelling. I remember mine had a raised, puckered appearance initially that smoothed out as it healed.

When is your follow up appointment with the surgeon? Were you given an after hours contact number to phone if you have questions or concerns? If so, I would encourage you to phone the line.

The Canadian Cancer Society also has Information Specialists who may be able to answer your questions or redirect you to a local resource.

Canadian Cancer Society Information Specialist 1-888-939-3333 Toll Free

I used a cheap Dollarama travel pillow-those U-shaped ones for the neck-and placed it between my arm and hip to keep the arm slightly away from my body and reduce irritation.

Wishing you the best possible outcome as you heal and recover.

Runner Girl
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I'm sorry your scar isn't the prettiest. My scar from my lumpectomy is awful, puckered and just nasty. But keep in mind that the surgeon doing the cancer removal is NOT a plastic surgeon, his job is solely to remove ALL of the cancer and put you back together.

Give yourself time to heal, perhaps it will look better once healed. If not you could consider a revision by a plastic surgeon to make it more pleasing.

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