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Ventral hernia after ovarian cancer surgery
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Has anyone experienced developing a incisional hernia following ovarian cancer surgery? Hernia after 2 years occurred but no removal surgery recommended!
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@Nets I'm not sure If these ladies have had that particular experience but they have had a similar diagnosis and/or surgery so they may be able to share with you what they went through. @DonnaL1959 @Sadie12 @MaryCatherine and @dunder70 thanks in advance.

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Hello @Nets

I'm answering because @Brighty tagged me, but only to say that I have not experienced this. I'm surprised it happened 2 years after. I just passed that milestone myself.

I hope you can find some relief from this…even through apparently not through surgery.


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Hello Nets. I have not experienced this. It has been 1 year for me since my surgery and I've healed up well. I wish you all the best for a quick recovery!


Sorry to hear this. @Tizzie 2020 mentions having a hernia after ovarian cancer. Not sure if the circumstances are the same but perhaps they can share with you their experience.

I have a hernia ( not after ovarian cancer ) that is only being monitored and watched. No surgery recommended at this time so that can happen.


Tizzie 2020
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@Nets Hello!

Yes, I too developed an incisional hernia after my hysterectomy. I didn't really know what it was early on. The area around the stitches at the top of the scar felt tender and sore at times. I think it might have been six or seven months later that it started to bulge and get uncomfortable. That's when I brought it to the attention of my Gyne Onc. who advised it was very likely an incisional hernia - and apparently quite common post hysterectomy as the body tries to put itself right again. I was told I didn't need to do anything unless it got to the point where it became too uncomfortable. Since I was also very constipated, my hernia kept growing and did get more painful. So, about a year and a half post hysterectomy, I was referred to a Gen. Surgeon, who on examination advised it would be fairly easy to fix with a quick surgery. He did, however, want to see a clear NED scan before he operated on me. In my case, unfortunately, the scan showed a recurrence – not of the ovarian cancer, but of my breast cancer. So, I had to put aside the hernia repair surgery, and am now taking regular stool softeners which keep the bowels moving and manages the flaring up of the hernia. I hope you are able to cope with your discomfort, and if not, then getting another opinion from your gyn onc or a general surgeon might be helpful as well.
All the best!

Thanks for the tag @Lianne_Moderator.

@Tizzie 2020

Thank you for this helpful and supportive reply to my tag!


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