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Neuropathy - would appreciate suggestions on coping, healing
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I had chemo and then mastectomy/lymph node surgery. The neuropathy in my feet is getting worse. Just wondering about helpful suggestions. Has anyone had good results from TENS (nerve stimulation) products like Dr. Ho ? Thanks so much for any info. about products or exercises you've found helpful.

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@HMJ I'm so glad you posted to connect with others who understand!

I'm going to tag @Runner Girl, @Essjay, @Thewasp, @Lib, and @Millenn who have all shared about Neuropathy in the past.

I thought you may also find this info helpful: Peripheral nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) | Canadian Cancer Society.

Have you spoken to your doctor? Who suggested the TENS treatment?

Please let us know what works for you!


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I went through similar treatments and suffered from neuropathy in both fingers and toes. There was a time when my feet felt like two blocks of wood. I also lost the toe nails on big toes. But … it gets better. I still have some neuropathy but after two years it is mild.

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@HMJ I’m so sorry you are struggling. It is really hard to come out of treatment with side effects remaining….

I have mild neuropathy in my hands and feet. It was pretty rough soon after chemo and I really struggled going through radiation on my breast - I could not hold the bar to keep your arms in position so they rigged up some padding and strapped me in. My feet felt very od and I had terrible balance issues.

Time makes a difference - there has been some recovery for me.

I did a lot of balance retraining with a wobble cushion and lots of one legged yoga type poses. I still stumble about terribly at night and often feel like I’m walking on pebbles. One of the consequences of my neuropathy is cramps and those cramps have caused neuromas in my feet. I got help from a podiatrist to help with that and my toe nail issues (still troublesome 3.5 years post treatment).

The hands are easier but I’m troubled by the cold and have to plan carefully when we hike or go winter camping or even out with the dog.

I do have a tens machine but I have never thought about trying it on my feet. I use it for back pain mostly. It’s an iReliev and it’s amazing - has TENS and EMS settings, and replacement pads are readily available.

I would reach out to your oncologist and ask about physiotherapy to help the neuropathy. i was offered gaberpentin but felt i didn’t really want to take something for moderate to severe pain when mine is mild apart from the cramps…

Hope it eases and you can get some relief. Do share if you use the tens machine for this.

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Thanks for connecting me to other neuropathy patients. My chemotherapy ended December 2021 but tingling, numbness and pain in my finger tips and toes continue. For the past month some of my finger nails keep breaking off. I exercise and massage my finger tips and toes but I don't see much improvement.

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sorry you’re experiencing this. I mostly had issues with my hands but my feet were affected too.I fell a few times because I didn’t know where my feet were🙄.

I wore a good pair of supportive runners all the time and even in the house. I also checked my feet every night for any bruising or sores.
I’m 8 months post chemo and my feet are fine now but I really suggest a good pair of house shoes. When I fell, I was wearing slippers.

good luck

Good Morning

I had quite bad neuropathy in my feet, it went on several months after treatment. I used soft gel ice packs wrapped in damp thin dish towels. I iced them a couple times a day. I avoided anything hot, hot tub, hot shower etc. I also massaged them or had my husband massage them with sensitive skin Aveeno lotion.
The second rounds of chemo the nurses iced my feet and fingers during the treatments , this helped too.

I hope you find relief.

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