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What to expect after chemo
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Hi all,

My dad has undergone his first of six chemo treatments (which will be three weeks apart). After that, I assume that his care team will do scans to see how the cancer responds and then determine next steps. For my dad, radiation and surgery are not an option due to the advanced nature of his cancer. We are hopeful that the chemo will shrink/slow cancer and even provide more options for treatment down the line (fingers tightly crossed).

Just curious if anyone would share their experience after finishing their first round of chemo? What happened next (scans/monitoring/further treatment, etc.)? I find myself wondering what we should expect and I know no one can tell us that because it's case by case, but I thought I might reach out anyways.

Thanks for sharing.

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@LZ91 do you know what type chemo your dad is having? Side effects vary for each chemo drug and we can be of more help if we had that info. I hope his side effects are tolerable.

@LZ91 Can you also identify what cancer it is?


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good morning.
great post LZ, and a very common question that caregivers have for sure.
what next??

I suppose the answer to your question, as you have identified yourself, is as variable as every patient who receives treatments….the medical team will have to answer this for you.
and as both a caregiver for my spouse many years ago, and more recently a breast cancer patient myself - I do realize how difficult it is sometimes to get those answers.

is your dear dad in hospital? or at home?
wherever he is, can I just take the time to say THANK YOU to YOU!
caregiving is not an easy gig….having somebody to advocate on a patients behalf is really, REALLY lovely.

let us know next steps once you get to them. we are here for your dad AND for you.


#caregiversupport #nextsteps

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