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First chemo
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Considering all the hoohaw up to this, today went well.

Little things went wrong - bloodwork early that the appointment wasn't there, wrong directions.

But we allow lots of time so got where we were going in plenty of time.

And the RN nurse was so incredible, so patient. We got there for the 8:30 appointment and were home by 4:30. It was a long day, but I have so much more understanding about what this is about.

I understand why I get the desamethasone in advance now. I understand what the Grastofil is for and I get training on Tuesday. I understand why I need the Ultrasound and Heart test next week. I understand that I will see some sort of oncologist (mine or her locum) before the next appointment - they hope.

I also see that these fabulous caretakers are way over worked, way understaffed, too many people and too little support. The AC wasn't working properly but they couldn't get it fixed. Some of the machinery had been taped together, literally. These people need better support.

But every step of the way, the RN made sure that I understood what she was doing and what the results were. The subsequent appoints will be about 6 hours each, no going over all the paperwork to the same extent.

We still don't know how the Supplemental treatment will come to play - more to be revealed.

But one thing that is surprising - the tumour is protesting! 2 hours home, it is complaining bitterly and is poking out of my breast. So something I wasn't prepared for.

Next to come - side effects! Hopefully I can get to the sleep part okay. I'm going to order grocery delivery this week instead of trying to do it in person.

Thanks everyone for all the help so far - I am much calmer with more information and a little experience. Have a great long weekend!! :-)

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In spite of the inconvenience or misdirection it sounds like an overall fruitful day. Somehow knowing what is to come really quiets the brain. I love your image of upsetting the tumour. It should be protesting. I hope your side effects are minimal and sleep plentiful.


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Great to read that your first infusion went well and you have a better understanding of all that’s happening.

Yes, I agree that staff are overworked and understaffed. I am glad you had a nurse who took the time to explain the process.

Wishing you a restful weekend as you recover from your first infusion.

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