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Oncotype dx
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Hello! Was wondering when is the oncotype dx done. It was not part of the pathology report results after surgery, and when I asked my surgeon, she said it is not necessary since I had 3 positive nodes, I will just go to chemotherapy. Can I insist on having it done and getting the score? How does it work in the system of things..

Thank you.

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Runner Girl‍ Thank you for your response to Twater‍ question about Oncotype testing. I knew I did not qualify but did not know the specifics on why. I presumed it was because I started with chemo but I see there were other considerations.
I was able to get next generation testing which is an extensive pathology report on the cancer removed. The report has been helpful but took 3 weeks and thousands of dollars out of my pocket.

Runner Girl
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You are very welcome.

I was sent straight from surgery to chemo, herceptin and radiation because I was ER+ and HER2+

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@Runner Girl @Mosi thank you for your response. I have my appointment with oncologists next week. I will make sure to ask about it… along with some questions from the link you have sent me - very helpful. It is always good to be well prepared so one does not miss anything.
Take care.

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@Twater I’m wondering if you having lobular breast cancer will be the factor that makes you ineligible for the Oncotype testing. On the Oncotype website they talk about invasive breast cancer. The lobular is a bit different.

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@DMT thank you for writing. It is Invasive Lobular Cancer - ILC that I was diagnosed with, so I am eligible for the oncotype-dx.

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