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Type 2 Diabetes
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Has anyone experienced type 2 diabetes as a result of taking letrozole? I was a 69 year old woman when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. My numbers were normal before treatment started. A year later my numbers had climbed to 7.6 and this year it is 9.1. I have read that women in their 60s and up can have increased sugar levels while taking letrozol. Has anyone else experienced this?

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No not taking Letr. But another AI that seems to be lowering this # but also I take another anti cancer med. too now NED .Could it be your appetite changed with L’être.?

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elle29‍ Which AI are you on that is lowering your blood sugars? I am letrozole and abemacaclib and I am getting 4-5 lows a day.. I think it is the abemacaclib since i started it 2 months ago and the letrozole in December. but apparently there is no link except one case, but the person was on diabetic drugs not insulin.
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