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Cancer Free
On May 31 I had a radical hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. My pathology came back and I’m cancer free. No radiation or chemo. I’m one of the fortunate ones that caught it early. As we all know the path from diagnosis to treatment is beyond comprehension and traumatic. It’s zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. I’m sure the ripples of this will last a lifetime. I wish and pray for health and peace for you all. It’s a journey only those who walk understand.
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Lisa, this is fantastic news that you will not need chemo or radiation. Cheers and a happy dance for you! 💃🏻

The Cancer Connection community will continue to be here for you if you want support and a listening ear as you continue to heal and recover.

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@Lisa Sygutek Hello Lisa……this is wonderful news! I am so happy for you!

Celebrate….every day…..


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@Lisa Sygutek, that is so wonderful that you didn’t need chemo.



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Such uplifting news @Lisa Sygutek - it's always wonderful to hear good news. Very happy for you.

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@Lisa Sygutek

how absolutely wonderful!

thank you for sharing your great news. each cancer story is so different - happy for you that yours ends with surgery.

but I think you are right; this is now a chapter of your life story. thank you for sharing your posts that will no doubt help someone else thru their cancer experience. and as @S2020 mentioned, you are always welcome here in the community.

cheers and congratulatory hugs,

#endometrialcancer #treatmentdone #youarealwayswelcome #cancerconnectioncommunity

ps-don't forget to ring the virtual bell!!!

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Yay @Lisa Sygutek !! 🥳🥳👏👏 happy news makes everyone’s day 😃 thank you for sharing

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You are joining a group of very fortunate folk. I had my radical cystectomy in July 2019 - coming up to 3 years ago. Now I go back every 6 months to get tests and see my surgeon.
But almost every day, I check this forum, and see how much anguish, stress and pain I have missed. We have a lot to thank our medical team for!

@Clarke We are. It’s weird. It was such a surreal 7 week experience that I keep thinking they screwed up and it’s still there. Weird where the mind goes. Congratulations 🎉 as well.

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Congrats for your healthy good fortune, @Lisa Sygutek!!! Yes, the mind takes us to many destinations and we are glad to read of your positive outcome!

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