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Is tamoxifen safe in terms of side effects
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I am diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma with stage 2, I don’t t need radiation and doctor sent my results for Oncotype DX test as it was ER+ or PR + but HER2-negative, and she prescribed me either I need chemo or tamoxifen after the test results(depending the type of tumour).
I am a kind of person never used any pill other than Tylenol. Please let me know how safe is this medicine in terms of side effects. Thank you .
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Runner Girl
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I'm sorry you find yourself here. I was on tamoxifen for 2 years after chemo and surgery. Tamoxifen blocks estrogen, the fuel for our estrogen positive breast cancer. I had side effects but they were easily mitigated with acupuncture treatment every 3 weeks.

I was diagnosed with IDC, ER+ and HER2+ in May 2018. I had a lumpectomy (3 tumors) and a sentinel node biopsy (clear). My treatment was 6 rounds of chemo, 17 rounds of herceptin, 21 rounds of radiation followed by 2 years of tamoxifen and now 1 one year on Anastrozole.

Here is a link to some info on Tamoxifen: https://chemocare.com/chemotherapy/drug-info/tamoxifen.aspx

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