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Radiotherapy for brain mets and hair loss

I’m living with stage IV lung cancer now for 1.5 yrs, feeling grateful everyday as I am highly functional without any pain/symptoms. My little brain mets disappeared quickly when I started Tagrisso. Been on chemo just a year now and brain mets have come back. We are talking SBRT (targeted therapy) since I don’t have a lot and they are rather small.

For those of you that had SBRT what did you do for hair loss, especially you ladies? Worth cutting short (pixie cut) or just better to go all in and shave? 🤔

My brain mets seem to be at the front (to be confirmed)

Thanks everyone!

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First, it is so wonderful to read that you are not experiencing pain or symptoms.

I myself have not had SBRT to the brain so can't really speak to that. I did lose all my hair to chemo for breast cancer. To my understanding there can be hair thinning or loss to the targeted area for the radiation. Your radiation oncologist will know where that will be directed to in order to give you an idea of where hair loss may occur. You might get away with only thinning or not so noticable loss. Maybe wait it out to see how your hair responds and then make a decision once you see how it is going. You could possibly get away with a barrette pulling some other hair over the spot until it grows in more?

I looked for some members who stated they had SBRT for brain mets and couldn't find anything but maybe someone will chime in.

When do you start that treatment?


thanks @Lianne_Moderator - waiting for a call since this would be done in Montreal (I am near Ottawa). Radiotherapy should happen within the next few weeks as per my radio-oncologist.

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