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Acidity Reflux
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Just wonder if anyone has any idea how to deal with Acidity Reflux? This is first cycles chemo treatment and i am on my second week on chemo pills Xelox, I don’t know what triggered? I had to sleep sitting up since last Sunday and try to munch on ginger but didn’t help much
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Runner Girl
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Have you contacted your oncologist for their recommendation?

You could try peppermint tea or perhaps chew a couple of tums.

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@VanFinn i had terrible indigestion from AC - got prescribed some heartburn meds. It helped. Best to call your cancer centre and ask for advice - they will do what they can to ease the side effects for you.

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I had the same happen. Sitting up sleeping and being woke up by it in the middle of the night. How disruptive!

My Dr prescribed PANTOPRAZOLE 40mg.

I Googled this medicine and it also has a component to heal while it helps with acid reflux. Ask about it.

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I’ve been on chemo injections for 4 yrs and developed acid reflux, triggered by just about anything. Went on Pantoprazole and seems to have relieved the issue. Still only eat small meals, more like grazing throughout the day, which works for me. Hope you find some relief.


Opposite side of the country but radiation for lung cancer got a little too close to the old swallower. One of the lingering side effects of that four years later is acid reflux occasionally. If I would cut down on the coffee it would probably help but I'm not quite ready to give that up. I'm able to manage it with digestive biscuits and famotidine (pepcid) takes care of it when it flares up.

But I would also reiterate the advice above. Talk to the chemo nurse and your oncologist. There are things that can be done.

Best of luck that this works out for you.


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i have tried many prescription meds for acid reflux that never worked but once I started chemo it was constantly bothering me especially at night . I saw a woman on YouTube who bought over the counter Nexium , I purchased a box and it worked immediately! Better than any previous type I tried and you can ask your oncologist for a prescription for Nexium so it can be covered under you health insurance. Working for me so far . good luck 🤞

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I got a prescription. Well worth it. The oncologist said to just take it throughout chemo. My prescription was the same as someone else mentioned.

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I had acid reflux – of the kind that reached up to my larynx – until I was diagnosed with lymphoma. In fact I was misdiagnosed with laryngeal reflux for about 4 months before I was blue-lighted into hospital and the real cause of my problems discovered. I had a ‘fist-sized mass' of rogue lymph nodes behind my stomach that was pushing against it. And it was probably this that twisted the valve at the top of the stomach and allowed acid to leak into my gullet and upwards.

After I started chemo (R-CHOP; almost 2 years ago), it slowly went away and, fingers crossed, has remained away.

Knowing this is probably not much help in your case, but it seems to demonstrate how the physical presence of rogue cells can affect you in this way.

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