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IV treatment the day after chemo port insertion?
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My dad is getting his port a cath inserted tomorrow, but the chemo is planned to start the day after. Has anyone experienced this tight timeline?

I'm worried that there won't be enough time for the chemo port to heal and the weakened immune system by the chemotherapy will make it worse and make it inflamed.

Also, has anyone gotten this procedure done from St. Michael's Hospital? Do you have to go in earlier than the appointment time? I've tried to reach the day surgery unit but no one is picking up

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Cynthia Mac
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LVL999‍ , the only thread I could find this morning about portacaths has responses from Essjay‍ and Lacey_Moderator‍ . Hopefully one or both of them will have some information to offer, or will know of others to tag in to answer your query.

I wish your Dad luck with his procedure today.
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Hi @LVL999,

I had my port inserted on a Wednesday and I used my port on the Friday (same week) for chemo. No issues, other than feeling crappy from chemo and uncomfortable from adjusting to the port and healing of stitches.

I was asked to go in an hour earlier to register and check in.

Good luck to your dad!

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Hi @LVL999

I have my port inserted and the first chemo on the same day. It went well. Just had a tight schedule.

Hope the best to your dad!

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@LVL999 I had my port inserted 2 days before chemo. I was bruised but used lots of numbing cream the first time. All was good. Glad I had it…

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Hi @LVL999 - My experience was the same as @CarolTO - I had port inserted, and within an hour or so, was using it for chemo infusion, and all was fine. Best to your Dad.

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